Dr Innan Sasaki
(Organisation and Work Group)

I am Professor in Organisation Studies at Warwick Business School. Previously I worked at Lancaster University Management School as a lecturer, and as guest research associate in University of Kyoto in Japan, and University of Turku in Finland.

I am an expert in collective memory and traditions in organizations and fields. My research intersects sociology and management studies to unveil how social and organizational changes take place in the encounter of tradition vs. modernity. More specifically, I have studied long-living and heritage-based craft firms, refugees, and indigenous people to understand how they culturally survive in the changing institutional environment.

I teach both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at WBS and have received recognitions for outstanding contributions.

I am one of the editors of an Organization Studies special issue on "Rediscovering and Theorizing Craft in Organization Studies".

Moreover, I am one of the editors of Advances in Strategic Management book series special issue on "Tradition as Resource or Constraint for Strategic Action".

My work has received best paper awards and is published in leading peer-reviewed journals. I am a member of the Academy of Management and the European Group of Organization Studies and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK.

I am looking for PhD students who share similar research interest as me and conduct qualitative studies.