Dr Jochem Hummel
Assistant Professor
(ISM-Analytics (ISMA) Group)

My name is Jochem Hummel, Assistant Professor at the Information Systems Management Group at Warwick Business School. I am interested in doing research and teaching on topics related to interorganizational collaboration and digital innovation. Particularly, I have experience is longitudinal qualitative process-oriented studies on collaboration and innovation between heterogeneous actors (e.g. collaborations between "big science" and "big business"). My current research interests focus on the development and study of a process theory of digital generativity, which is particularly prevailing in digital infrastructures and platforms.

I am an energetic and motivated teacher in a wide-range of topics including Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, Strategic Information Management; Business IT and Services; Open Innovation in the Digital Economy.

Research Interests

interorganizational collaboration; digital innovation; digital generativity; process theory; longitudinal data; digital methods for qualitative data;