Professor Laura Chamberlain
Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

Laura Chamberlain is a Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School. Laura is Assistant Dean for all Postgraduate Taught Programmes which include Business, Management and Finance at WBS.

Laura is passionate about Marketing Education and has won numerous awards for teaching excellence over the past 16 years she has worked in Higher Education. Most recently, Laura was awarded a University of Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE) in 2020 and Lecturer of the Year 2019 in the Education Awards. Laura teaches across the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes at WBS. Laura is also an External Examiner for the Marketing modules on the MBA at The University of Birmingham and is the Chair of the Education Committee at the Academy of Marketing.

Laura co-founded the Marketing Insight Series (MiS) in academic year 2017/18 with the intention of bridging the gap between academia and industry at The University of Warwick. MiS is a suite of marketing specific co-curricular enterprise activities, which complement, and extend, the formal marketing curriculum at all levels from undergraduate, to MSc, MBA and PhD. All students enrolled at the University of Warwick are able to engage with the programme, which extends beyond the traditional reach of Warwick Business School activities. This is the first programme of events of this kind in UK Higher Education. MiS was awarded Entrepreneurial Education Establishment of the Year 2019 at the Education Awards and has been shortlisted as a finalist at the 2020 National Undergraduate Employability Awards.

Laura is particularly interested in Consumer Behaviour and Customer Experience and researching the importance of consumer emotions, trust, loyalty and how to influence customer's behaviour. Laura also researches consumer neuroscience, using neuroscientific techniques to further our understanding of consumers. In addition, Laura researches how advertising can influence consumer behaviour, particularly in terms of the promotion of healthy behaviour or prevention of risky or unhealthy behaviours. Laura's research has been published in international journals and was identified as one of 'fifteen scientists tackling the world's most pressing problems' in the first edition of Eureka, the science supplement of The Times newspaper.

Laura regularly works with organisations in a consultancy capacity and is regularly a keynote speaker at conferences and events.