Dr Liad Weiss
Associate Professor
(Marketing Group)

Welcome to the academic profile of Dr. Liad Weiss, an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Warwick Business School.

Research Focus

Dr. Weiss's research is offering a cognitive perspective into the complexities of consumer self-concept and identity. He studies the intricate relationships between consumers, products, and brands. Specifically, he investigates how, when, and why consumers integrate products and brands into their identities. His research also explores the implications of this integration on consumer judgment, decision-making processes, and preferences.

Publication Highlights

Dr. Weiss's contributions to the field have been recognized through numerous publications, including articles in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, and the Journal of Marketing Research. He has also co-authored book chapters on consumer self-concept and identity.

Editorial Board Membership

Dr. Weiss actively contributes to the academic community as a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, where he helps shape the discourse in his area of expertise.

Teaching Interests

In addition to his research, Dr. Weiss is dedicated to fostering the next generation of marketers. His teaching interests lie in the domains of Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy.

Educational Background

Dr. Weiss holds a Ph.D. in marketing from Columbia University.

Research Publications

1. Weiss, Liad and Robin Tanner (Cond. Accepted), "Identities without Products: When the Preference for Self-Linked Products Weakens," Journal of Consumer Research

2. Morewedge, Carey K. and Liad Weiss (2023), "Psychological ownership: Actors' and observers' perspectives," Behavioral and brain sciences.

3. Weiss, Liad (2022), "Egocentric Processing: The Advantages of Person-Related Features in Consumers' Product Decisions," Journal of Consumer Research

4. Weiss, Liad and Ran Kivetz (2019). "Opportunity Cost Overestimation," Journal of Marketing Research

5. Weiss, Liad and Gita V. Johar (2016), "Products as Self-Evaluation Standards: When Owned and Unowned Products Have Opposite Effects on Self-Judgment," Journal of Consumer Research

6. Weiss, Liad and Gita V. Johar (2013), "Egocentric Categorization and Product Judgment: Seeing Your Traits in What You Own (and Their Opposite in What You Don't)," Journal of Consumer Research

Chapter Publications

7. Johar, Gita V., Jaeyeon Chung, and Liad Weiss (2019). Ownership and Identity: A Cognitive Perspective. In Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing, Eds. Mark R. Forehand and Americus Reed II, Edward Elgar Publishing.

8. Weiss, Liad and Gita V. Johar (2018). Psychological Ownership in Egocentric Categorization Theory. In Psychological Ownership and Consumer Behavior, Eds. Joann Peck and Suzanne B. Shu, New York: Springer.

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