Mahrokh Roknifard
Teaching Fellow
(Marketing Group)

Dr Mahrokh Roknifard is a qualitative researcher focusing on high-tech SME managers' decision-making and strategy-building. Her current research concentrates on augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MX) app developers' challenges within the newness of open platforms. She has presented her work at conferences such as The Innovation and Product Development Management (IPDMC, 2020, 21, and 23) and The British Academy of Management (BAM, 2019).

Since joining the WBS, Dr Mahrokh has been involved in multiple undergraduate and postgraduate modules. Her current teaching focuses on research-based modules, such as IB2B60 Marketing Research and IB9HU0 Market Research, for which she received the Outstanding Contribution to Teaching award (2023).

Research Interests

Open innovation, cognitive mapping, managers' information processing and decision making, complementors, and sensemaking