Dr Miaolei Jia
Associate Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

Dr. Miaolei Jia is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick. He has a Ph.D. in Marketing from the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, and a Master's degree in Marketing, both from the Renmin University of China. Miaolei's research focuses on consumer psychology and behaviour. His research has been published in leading marketing as well as psychology journals, such as the Journal of Consumer Research, and Psychological Bulletin.

Miaolei serves as a reviewer for the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and the Journal of Business Research.

Miaolei's CV

Research Interests

Consumer Behaviour
Judgment and Decision Making
Mental Accounting, Budgeting, and Partitions
Sensory Marketing
Transformative Consumer Research