Dr Omid Omidvar
Associate Professor
(Organisation and Work Group)

I research how through mundane practices organizations engage with creating and managing change, respond to environmental shifts, and organize when there is no clear script. In particular, I research how organizational routines can work for and against changes in organizations.
My first area of research explores how the relationship between organizations and their environment is constituted through organizational routines. How changes in the environment can be understood through organizational routines and how organizational routines can create inertia and mismatch with the environment? This line of research has been further expanded by exploring the implications of the widespread adoption and use of algorithms in organizations and industries which play a critical role in understanding and responding to the environment.
Relatedly, I explore how through routines and practices distributed organizing takes place. In this research, I explore how organizing happens in the absence of a central organization and how actors come together for achieving common goals. Examples include contexts such as citizen responses for Covid and organizing in digital platforms with no clear structure in place.
My work has been conducted in a variety of contexts including: financial sector, open organizing, and collaborative initiatives in public and private settings.

Research Interests

Practice theory, Organizational routines, Algorithms and organization, Process philosophy, Distributed organizing, Strategy, Organizational learning, and Qualitative methods