Dr Sarah Wei
Assistant Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

Dr. Sarah Wei is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Warwick Business School. She joined Warwick Business School in August 2018. Dr. Wei earned her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Alberta. Her academic journey is driven by a passion for understanding and enhancing the consumer experience.

Dr. Wei's research focuses on consumer judgment and decision-making. She investigates how emerging technologies -- such as digital devices, streaming platforms, and artificial intelligence -- change the selection architecture and shape the consumer decision process. Her work also examines the impacts of these technologies on interpersonal communication among consumers. Committed to enhancing consumer experience, Dr. Wei continuously explores hedonic consequences associated with consumer choices and seeks interventions that boost consumption enjoyment.

Dr. Wei teaches Principles of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour. Her dedication to student learning and development has been recognized with the WBS Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Award, an honour she cherishes deeply.