Dr Scott Dacko
Associate Professor of Marketing
(Marketing Group)

Dr. Scott G. Dacko is Associate Professor in Marketing and Strategic Management at Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and MBA and BME degrees from the University of Minnesota. He has ten years' new product development, management, and marketing experience in large and small companies in the US. He is the author of The Advanced Dictionary of Marketing: Putting Theory to Use published by Oxford University Press (2008). He has published articles in journals including the Journal of Marketing Education, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Benchmarking: An International Journal, International Journal of Advertising, International Journal of New Product Development and Innovation Management, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, the International Journal on Media Management, and the European Journal of Innovation Management. His jointly-authored paper in the latter journal was chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner in the Emerald Literati Network - 2009 Awards for Excellence. He also received the 2013 Outstanding Paper Award from the Emerald Literati Network for his article in the Journal of Services Marketing entitled, "Time-of-Day Services Marketing."

Research Interests

Dr. Dacko's primary research interests emphasise the important roles of time and timing in marketing strategy development and success for services (e.g., time-of-day services marketing and managing customer lateness) and new products (e.g., explaining follower firm entry timing and imitation strategies). Further research interests include ambient marketing strategy, the development and dissemination of marketing knowledge, and skill development in business and marketing education.