Dr Susanne Beck
Assistant Professor
(ISM-Analytics (ISMA) Group)

Dr. Susanne Beck is an Assistant Professor in the Information Systems Management & Analytics Group at Warwick Business School. Before joining WBS, she was senior researcher at Copenhagen Business School and the Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Center in Vienna. Her main research interest is the management and organization of scientific knowledge production and open innovation.

In her research projects, Susanne investigates multilevel antecedents, consequences, and contingencies of involving external knowledge actors such as crowds in scientific research, organizational design for inter- and transdisciplinary scientific collaborations, and the transformative potential of AI and digital technologies to enable novel ways of organizing distant collaborations. By employing quantitative (e.g., lab and field experiments, surveys, conjoint designs, archival data) and qualitative methods (e.g., interviews, longitudinal case studies), her work aims to enhance both scientific productivity and societal impact. Her work has received several awards including from the Academy of Management, Industry & Innovation, PDMA JPIM Research Forum, European Academy of Management, and the R&D Management conference.

Moreover, Susanne is strongly committed to the scientific community: Besides being elected Representative-at-Large of the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) division of the Academy of Management, she co-organizes the annual Open Innovation in Science (OIS) Research Conference which attracts 100+ participants from across multiple disciplines every year. She has also coordinated multiple large international and interdisciplinary collaborative publications with up to 50 co-authors, has been invited to give keynote speeches at international events, and served as a lead guest editor for a Special Issue in Industry and Innovation.

Research Interests

The role of AI in Science and Innovation, Knowledge production, Organization of Science, Open Innovation