Dr Tamara Friedrich
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
(Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group)

I have over 15 years of experience as an organizational psychologist focusing on the topics of creativity, leadership, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

Most of my recent research and teaching focuses on creativity, which the World Economic Forum has identified in their May 2023 Future of Jobs Report to be the number one skill that will be most needed in the future. I am passionate about enabling my students to see themselves as creative and helping them build their creative problem-solving skills, whether they are first-year undergraduates or senior executives. I break down myths about creativity and aim to teach them practical techniques for using creative problem-solving in every aspect of their lives.

My primary research interests are in the psychology of creativity and entrepreneurship, with a second focus area on leadership. Much of my research falls into the intersection of these areas. For instance, I have studied how organizational leaders may initiate, support, and sustain creative efforts through hiring, performance management, and creating a climate for creativity. My work on leadership has primarily focused on collective forms of leadership. My work has appeared in several books and journals, including The Leadership Quarterly, Creativity Research Journal, and Human Resource Management Review. I am a member of the Innovation Caucus which aims to provide evidence based support to policy makers and practitioners in the UK.

In addition to research and teaching, I am the Course Director for the WBS Foundation Year Program. This program aims to identify and support students who have faced personal, social, or institutional barriers that limited their ability to meet traditional entry requirements. During the foundation year, they are given additional modules and support that prepare them to move into our undergraduate program. It has been a privilege to serve in this role.

I enjoy sharing my research and passion for understanding creativity and leadership with members of the community. I have given invited talks and facilitated workshops for executives, entrepreneurs, organizations, local business networks, volunteer organizations, and schools. Some of the organisations I have delivered executive education, workshops, or invited talks to include the NHS, Network Rail, John Lewis, Optum, iVentiv, and the Canadian International Bank of Commerce.

Research Interests

Individual and team-level creative problem solving, human resources processes that foster creativity, the psychology of entrepreneurship, and collective leadership.