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Dr Tim Mullett

Assistant Professor

Behavioural Science Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 28960  /  Room: 3.112


Journal Articles

  • Mullett, T. L., Brown, G. D. A. (. D. A., Fincher, C. L., Kosinski, M. and Stillwell, D. (2019) "Individual-level analyses of the impact of parasite stress on personality : reduced openness only for older individuals", Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  • Mullett, T. L., Brown, G. D. A. (. D. A. and McDonald, R. L. (2019) "Cooperation in public goods games predicts behaviour in incentive-matched binary dilemmas : evidence for stable pro-sociality", Economic Inquiry
  • Bhatia, S. and Mullett, T. L. (2018) "Similarity and decision time in preferential choice", Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology
  • Alempaki, D., Canic, E., Mullett, T. L., Skylark, W. J., Starmer, C., Stewart, N. and Tufano, F. (2018) "Re-examining how utility and weighting functions get their shapes : a quasi-adversarial collaboration providing a new interpretation", Management Science
  • Stewart, N., G��chter, S., Noguchi, T. and Mullett, T. L. (2016) "Eye movements in strategic choice", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29, 2-3, 137-156
  • Mullett, T. L. and Stewart, N. (2016) "Implications of visual attention phenomena for models of preferential choice", Decision, 3, 4, 231-253
  • Bhatia, S. and Mullett, T. L. (2016) "The dynamics of deferred decision", Cognitive Psychology, 86, 112-151

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