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Dr Tim Mullett

Associate Professor of Behavioural Science

Research Interests

Tim's research focusses on how people make choices, and search information when comparing options. This research employs a wide range of methods. This includes traditional behavioural experiments in the lab, computer simulations of cognitive models, eye tracking, neuroimaging, and big data analysis.

Teaching in 2021-2022

Business Analytics
  • IB94X0: Business Statistics
  • IB3J00: Behavioural Economics
  • IB1500: Foundations of Data Analysis for Management

Behavioural Science Group

Email:  /  Tel: 024 765 28960  /  Room: 3.112


Tim Mullett is an associate professor in the behavioural science group at Warwick Business School. He attained his PhD at the University of Nottingham studying Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. He then attained a role as research fellow in the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science based at Warwick. He also held roles at at the University of Cambridge and University of Bath before taking up his current position in WBS.

Tim's research uses a variety of methodologies including eye tracking and neuroimaging to better understand how people make choices and search for information. A major part of his work applies big data analysis to real world datasets to examine how people make choices outside of the lab.

In addition to publishing in leading academic journals, Tim works with a range of policy makers and organisations including several UK police forces, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Office for Students, and the Which? consumer group.


Journal Articles


  • Hodgson, J., Wade, K. A., Stewart, N., Hearty, K., Kyneswood, N., Quispe Torreblanca, E. and Mullett, T. L. (2018) "Public confidence and crime reduction : the impact of forensic property marking"


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