Dr Zhewei Zhang
Assistant Professor
(Information Systems & Management Group)

Dr. Zhewei Zhang joined the ISM group as an Assistant Professor in 2017. Prior to joining WBS he was a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Brunel University London, where he worked on EU funded project. He received his Bachelor from Tianjin University in China, MBA/MS from Baylor University and PhD from the Temple University in USA.

His current research focus is digital innovation and design, trying to understand how digitisation is changing the design and innovation. He is particularly interested in how the digital artifact and complex design process evolve over time. Furthermore, he also pays close attention to the online communities that sustain such innovation. He is open to and has applied various computational approaches, such as sequence analysis, network analysis and text mining, to leverage unprecedented amount and types of digital trace data in helping us understand the complex sociotechnical system. He also serves as the co-investigator of two funded projects (Innovate UK and GCRF), leading the development of machine learning based solutions.

Research Interests

Digital innovation and design, machine learning and artificial intelligence, organisational routine, open source software development, online community, computational social science.