An Introduction to LeadershipPlus
30 January 2024

Our Careers Manager, Nuo Xu, provides comprehensive insights into our pioneering LeadershipPlus module, covering all the essential information you need to know.

What is LeadershipPlus?

LeadershipPlus stands as a ground-breaking and innovative module within the Warwick Business School Full-time MBA programme. LeadershipPlus diverges from conventional teaching methodologies by emphasising experiential learning, reflective practice, theoretical understanding, and experimentation. This approach enables our students to explore and define their own leadership identity, understanding deeply what they stand for as leaders.

LeadershipPlus is more than just self-discovery and theoretical learning. We are deeply committed to ensuring that our students' learning translates into real-world practice and tangible behavioural change. To achieve this, we leverage technology as a nudge tool and partner with companies for continuous improvement and practical application.

How does LeadershipPlus link in with the rest of the Full-time MBA?

While other modules in the MBA programme provide students with technical skills and theoretical business knowledge, LeadershipPlus delves into the personal and interpersonal aspects of leadership. It bridges the gap between academic learning and practical leadership application. By focusing on experiential learning and self-reflection, LeadershipPlus allows our students to apply the theories and concepts learned in other courses to real-life leadership scenarios.

Moreover, LeadershipPlus enriches the MBA journey by providing a continuous thread of personal development throughout the programme. The skills and insights gained in this module are applied in team projects, presentations, and other interactive components of the MBA, ensuring that students not only understand leadership in theory but also practice it in various contexts.

Tell us about the structure of the LeadershipPlus module

LeadershipPlus is structured into five intensive two-day sessions spread over two terms, each focusing on a critical aspect of leadership and management.

  • Building Real Teams

This initial session focuses on team building and emotional intelligence, aiming to develop strong team dynamics and a foundation for leadership based on self-awareness and understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, and values.

  • Emotional Intelligence

This workshop equips participants with tools and insights to enhance personal effectiveness and emotional intelligence, focusing on managing emotions, understanding others, and effectively navigating conflicts.

  • Coaching and Dialogue

This session aims to develop effective coaching and conversational skills. It explores non-directive coaching approaches and constructive dialogue techniques for problem-solving and enhanced communication.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Leadership

This session guides participants in defining their leadership style and values, with a comprehensive focus on ethical practices, corporate social responsibility, sustainability challenges, and effective decision-making strategies in leadership.

  • Leadership and Management

The final workshop explores various leadership and management theories, encouraging participants to consider their practical applications and formulate personal strategies for effective leadership in the workplace.

Between sessions, LeadershipPlus employs innovative phone-based technology to 'nudge' students, encouraging them to apply their learnings in their daily lives and studies. This approach is aimed at facilitating actual behavioural change, a core objective of the module.

Moreover, the module is intricately connected with the real business world. We have forged collaborations with both global brands and SMEs. As part of the module assignment, these partnerships provide our students with invaluable opportunities to engage in real-world business challenges. Over six weeks, students work in teams to apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to make a tangible impact, blending academic learning with practical application.

Who delivers LeadershipPlus? What benefit does this have?

A significant aspect of LeadershipPlus is the synergistic collaboration between world-class academics, a dedicated careers team, and performance psychologists from Mindflick, known for their work with Olympic champions and FTSE 100 leaders. The delivery of LeadershipPlus is a dynamic mix of lecture-based teaching, hands-on experiential activities, and focused small-group discussions, all facilitated by qualified coaches. This multifaceted approach ensures a deep and practical understanding of leadership, moving beyond theoretical knowledge to real-world application.

A key strength of LeadershipPlus lies in its foundation of solid academic theory, enriched with contemporary leadership insights relevant to today’s job market and the integration of advanced behavioural science. Through this comprehensive approach, students gain a profound understanding of their personal attributes – strengths, weaknesses, and core values. This self-awareness is critical in shaping effective management and leadership styles in professional environments.

What’s your advice to anyone who is considering whether the Full-time MBA is right for them?

If you're feeling uncertain or stuck, seeking personal growth, or eager to understand yourself better and collaborate more effectively with others, then LeadershipPlus is here for you. It offers an array of environments, scenarios, and tools that enable you to work alongside and engage with people from diverse corners of the globe. In these shared spaces, both challenging and enjoyable, you'll find opportunities to develop new insights and strategies. These experiences will equip you for the fresh tasks and adventures that await in the next chapter of your life.