Global Alumni Networks: Spotlight on China
27 July 2022

The WBS China Network, part of our Global Alumni Networks, was created in 2021 to provide formal support for alumni and it aims to maintain the continued success of members of our community.

The Network is led by a team of WBS alumni Ambassadors that include:

  • John Hung, Regional Chair
  • Elena (Yourong) Wen, Executive Chair
  • Westin (Qing) Xia, Executive Chair and Global MBA ambassador
  • Chi Zhang, Social Chair
  • Betty (Kaiyan) Ling, Social Chair
  • Wenting You, Global MBA Ambassador.

Throughout the months of June and July, the China Network hosted two webinars which covered a variety of sector insights, from sustainability to recruitment, and provided a fantastic opportunity for alumni to network and connect with the speakers.

ESG webinar

In June, the Network were joined by Xi Chen, Warwick alumna and Climate and Sustainability Advisor at Deloitte Hong Kong. Xi shared her expertise and insights around the steps that corporates, particularly those in Asia, are taking to achieve their ambitious emission reduction targets, examining some of the main challenges these organisations face in the process.

The session was chaired by WBS Research Fellow Mathieu Blondeel. Mathieu’s research spans a variety of topics at the intersection of global climate and energy politics, with a particular focus on the global energy transformation. Currently, he is working on a project funded by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) titled ‘UK Energy in a Global Context’. Mathieu teaches International Business on the suite of MSc Business courses and the ‘Business Immersion and Critical Thinking’ module for MSc Management.

Throughout the webinar, attendees had the opportunity to pose questions to both Xi and Mathieu. The content and conversation were extremely insightful and enabled guests to begin exploring how corporates can begin their journey to reduce emissions. 

Michael Page webinar 

In July, the Network welcomed Lily Liu, Partner of the Page Executive Brand & Regional Director of the Michael Page brand in Northern China, to deliver a webinar focusing on China talent trends.

Lily explored the opportunities and challenges facing the job marketing in sectors such as finance, technology, consultancy and FMCG in China.

The webinar was chaired by Westin Xia, Executive Chair and Global MBA Ambassador. Westin completed his Full-time MBA at WBS in 2016 and after changing sector from accounting to consulting, he is now an Associate Director of the Global Strategy Group at KPMG China.


The WBS China Network is open to alumni to join and will continue to organise professional and social events and share information about business markets and job opportunities.

Betty Ling, Social Shair, shares:Connections to experts and business collaborations are just one of the many professional benefits of joining the WBS China Network. The Network provides an opportunity to knowledge share, and create career opportunities and lifelong friendships”.

Alumni based in China can join the WBS China Network by emailing