Global Alumni Networks: Spotlight on India

27 April 2022

The WBS India Network, part of our Global Alumni Networks, was created in 2021 to provide formal support for alumni and it aims to maintain the continued successes of members of our community.

The network is led by a team of alumni Ambassadors that include:

  • Regional Chair: Sahil Vachani, based in New Delhi
  • Executive Chairs: Akshay Maheshwari, based in Delhi and Vinti Gajree, based in Mumbai
  • Social Chairs: Vinamra Maloo, based in New Delhi, and Shaina Lulla, based in Mumbai
  • Global MBA Ambassadors: Amrith Thandra, based in Hyderabad; Mayank Kapoor, based in Delhi; and Mahesh Abhyankar, Nitin Raje and Bhairav Desai, all based in Mumbai.

We are thrilled that the network is quickly growing a vibrant and connected community. In the past few months, it has gained great momentum. Hosting its first webinar in December 2021, it has since conducted five events successfully across Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Gurugram, with another planned soon in Bengaluru.

These face-to-face meet-ups have been running alongside the active India Whatsapp groups, where the network primarily communicates. These groups are purposefully curated to allow members a good balance of professional requests and personal socialising. People are connecting beyond the events, posting job openings and sharing business insights, and the Ambassadors are delighted at the progress being made.

Social Chairs Vinamra Maloo and Shaina Lulla say: “Alumni are so happy we are making an effort to reach out to them. At the socials, people are ecstatic to find people with the common Warwick connection as they reminisce and share memories of their days at the university, which accommodation they stayed at, where they went out, who was in their cohort that others might know and more. There is always an eagerness amongst attendees to connect more deeply with their alma mater.”

The WBS India Network is open to alumni to join and will continue to organise professional and social events and share information about business markets and job opportunities.

Alumni can join by emailing