Global Alumni Networks: Spotlight on North America

27 January 2023

The WBS North America Network, part of our Global Alumni Networks, was created in 2021 to support our alumni based in North America and creates the opportunity to network, connect and knowledge share through professional networking events and meet ups.

The Network is led by a team of WBS alumni ambassadors that include:

  • Rachel Carroll, Regional Chair
  • Damian Manire, Executive Chair
  • Shiv Misra, Social Chair.

Alongside the professional and social events, the Network has an active LinkedIn group which aims to support the community with various business intelligence articles, career networking and job opportunities.

WBS alumni in North America can join the Network by emailing Or alternatively you can join the group by following this link.

January event

On 12 January, the Network was thrilled to host an event at The London Stock Exchange Group's (LSEG) brand-new offices on Liberty Street in New York City. Formerly known as One Chase Manhattan Plaza, this 60-storey building is in the heart of the financial district.

The event was led by the Network's Regional Chair, Rachel Carroll, as well as Professor James Hayton, and Hanna Helin, Global Head of Technology Innovation at LSEG. They shared their professional experiences of 'Strategic Innovation in Practice' and conversations and the buzz of networking carried on throughout the evening.

A huge thanks to the North America Global Alumni Network Chairs, who were fundamental to the smooth running and success of the event; Rachel Carroll, Regional Chair, Damian Manire, Executive Chair and Shiv Misra, Social Chair.

“Reconnecting with alumni in NYC has reignited many cherished memories of my time as a student. Our social events have a familial atmosphere, and there is a tremendous amount of goodwill to form new connections and build a nurturing community to share insights and ideas across diverse industries. Each event is anchored in thought provoking content, drawing on academic research, to challenge our professional perspectives and provide a convenient ice breaker over a glass of wine. Many new friendships have been formed and we look forward to deepening our alumni networks across North America in the coming months.” - Rachel Carroll

 Meeting so many WBS grads in New York City’s financial district was such a kick! For those of us here in the US, we’ve missed out on a vital aspect of the business school experience: networking and support. These alumni events create the space for exactly that. The WBS North America Global Network event brought back fond memories of late-night huddles with classmates at the Varsity pub and long wet walks from the bus stop to student housing. The fact that it was a cold and rainy night in New York only added to the feels. As the WBS North America Social Chair, I couldn’t have been happier with the turnout and engagement. Hoping to keep the momentum going and eagerly looking forward to the next meetup!” - Shiv Misra

The Global Alumni Engagement team would love to hear thoughts, suggestions and feedback from our alumni to ensure we are consistently providing current, relevant and informative events. Please get in touch at