Global Alumni Networks: Spotlight on Singapore

25 August 2022

The WBS Singapore Network, part of our Global Alumni Networks, was created in 2021 to provide formal support for our alumni based there and it aims to maintain the continued success of members of our community.

The Network is led by a team of WBS alumni Ambassadors that include:

  • Wee Teck Tan, Regional Chair
  • Ottavio Gori, Executive Chair
  • Punya Dileep, Social Chair.

We are delighted to see that the WBS Singapore Alumni Network is developing into an energetic, vibrant and well-connected community. Over the past few months the Network has created a great sense of momentum.

A WhatsApp group has been launched to share professional advice and job opportunities, as well as to connect on a social level. The group is continuing to grow and develop into a great route of support for alumni.

The Network’s first webinar took place in April 2022 and they were joined by Angela Pham, Recruiting Lead, SEA Global Business Organisation at Google Asia Pacific (Singapore). Angela candidly shared her career journey and her observations around the new talent acquisition landscape post pandemic, including insightful tips around career development in the “new normal”. The session was hosted by Punya Dileep, the Network’s Social Chair.

Alongside the webinar, the Network has most recently organised their first face-to-face social event which was held at Harry’s Clark Quay in Singapore and was an informal and relaxed get-together. Justin Chu, WBS alumnus and Network member said: “It was a meaningful event to connect and share memories and ideas. I got some insights into other industries which I normally would not have within my own professional circle.”

Attending the social events provides an environment to share business insights, discuss job openings and connect beyond these events. The Ambassadors are delighted at the progress that is being made. Ottavio Gori, Executive Chair, shares his thoughts: "Our aim is to grow our community by engaging all alumni who have shared the great experience of studying at Warwick.

"In order to do so, we are committed to providing and organising insightful initiatives and meaningful events that can benefit all members, from professional education to sharing job opportunities."

The WBS Singapore Network is open to alumni to join. Alumni based in Singapore can join the WBS Singapore Network by emailing