Global Alumni Networks: Spotlight on the UAE

24 November 2022

The WBS UAE Network, part of our Global Alumni Networks, was created in 2021 and is continuing to grow from strength to strength with the appointment of a new Abu Dhabi Executive Chair, Hassan Shuweihdi. Hassan studied the Full-time MBA at WBS, graduating in 2016. The Global Alumni Engagement Team are thrilled to be working closely with Hassan and Sorina Constantinescu, the Dubai Executive Chair.

The Network aims to organise monthly dinners, to provide an opportunity to socialise and make connections. They also hold joint social events with other business schools, with the most recent event taking place at Capital Club in Dubai.

Alongside the events, there are two active WhatsApp groups, which support the community with various business intelligence, career networking and job opportunities.

WBS alumni in the UAE can join the Network by emailing

October Dubai event

UAE Network Dubai event welcome image On 27 October, the Network hosted an event at The H Dubai and were joined by the Global Alumni Engagement Team who were delighted to visit and meet many of our alumni.

During the event, which was chaired by Sorina Constantinescu, four alumni panellist speakers shared their experiences of living and working in the Middle East:

Hear from some members of the Network who attended the event:

"Having moved back to Dubai after seven long years in the UK, I wasn't entirely sure if I would fit in and whether I'd be able to connect with the professionals from the Middle East region at the same level. Living and working in the UK had changed my mindset about professional working environments and the corporate culture.

However, when I attended the event that was held in Dubai, it occurred to me that Warwick has given their alumni all around the globe an extraordinary platform to connect, share and learn from each other. Listening to the speakers at the event helped me learn that the UAE as a market for career opportunities has remarkably expanded and the culture has become significantly diverse and inclusive. After the speakers concluded their panel, I had an opportunity to meet and exchange meaningful dialogue with some likeminded professionals who live and work in Dubai. I am already looking forward to the next event to build further connections with my fellow alumni."

 Jinal J. Soni, MSc Human Resource Management and Employment Relations (2015 - 2016)


“This event was a fantastic networking opportunity for alumni from all over the UAE including Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dubai to connect. The panel discussion was informative, provided insights on jobs and careers and locations within the MENA region. As Abu Dhabi Executive Chair, I have connected with more people who have joined our growing Abu Dhabi network.”

Hassan Shuweihdi, Full-time MBA (2015 -2016)


 “Studying at WBS is not just about a period in your life, it is more than that. You become part of the WBS community and family. They organise frequent events to make sure we are still connected with each other but also with the School. You’re forever a part of WBS.”

Maryam Monjazi, Full-time MBA (2003 – 2004)