Careers Advice: How can the Careers team help you achieve your goals?

29 April 2021

WBS Careers Coach, Peter Burnham, discusses the benefits of engaging with the Careers team during your time studying the Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation programme.

Where do you want to get to?

We have a saying within the Careers team, that “if you don’t take advantage of career coaching during your course, then it is a lost opportunity”. Rarely in your career will you have access to careers skills workshops and a dedicated coach. Many participants who join the MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation programme at WBS have a clear idea about their short-term career goals; which functions they would like to work in and where they need to improve their understanding of the wider sector. However, many others join without a clear goal and want to use the time to explore different options and discover new opportunities. The good news is that our Careers Team are perfectly positioned to help everyone as our inclusive services are designed around you, the individual. 

What can I expect during my time with Warwick Business School?

We are committed to providing you with a career management skillset that will serve you in navigating future opportunities. Our series of career management and personal development workshops ensure that you are fully equipped with the skills you need to reach your full career potential. Topics include CVs and Cover Letters, networking, client persuasion skills, interview techniques, navigating the hidden job market, working in a global environment, and many more. Enlightening and highly valuable, these workshops provide you with a set of career skills and insights that you can utilise throughout your career. 

Access specialist coaching 

We are very proud of our comprehensive one-to-one career, sector specialist and professional development coaching. It has been proven that the more a participant engages in one-to-one coaching, the more effective their job search is. We offer a sounding board and share our many years of experience across a wide range of sectors, industries and countries, helping thousands of participants find their ideal roles.

Support that continues after your studies have finished

Our relationship with you doesn’t end when your studies finish. All our students will continue to receive careers support via our Alumni career services, even after graduation! This unique service will provide you with a lifelong partner during your professional journey. It’s a service we know our alumni greatly benefit from, both in the first few months after completing their studies and later on in their career, as they move on to other roles and come back to us for support and advice.