Three benefits of our MBA offer holder community platform

11 April 2024

We met with the MBA Recruitment Team to talk about how our offer holder community platform, CampusConnect, supports our candidates before they’ve even joined us.

Image of Graeme Morgan, Recruitment Manager

So, what is CampusConnect?

Graeme Morgan, Recruitment Manager: CampusConnect is a digital platform that allows our MBA offer holders access to a bespoke portal and app, offering the chance to network and ask any questions before joining us here at Warwick Business School (WBS).

Alex Harman, Assistant Business Development and Recruitment Manager: Offer holders will get a feel for what it means to be part of the WBS community by messaging with other candidates, current students, admissions and our alumni.

What are the key benefits of CampusConnect for our offer holders?

Alex: The first benefit for me would be the opportunity to build your MBA network before you begin.

We know that, whilst our MBAs get so much from their teaching, they’re often surprised by how much value is gained from the perspectives of their cohort, and so offering the chance to build those relationships before they begin really gives them a head start. They’ll go into their MBA knowing who works in their sector, and who might be able to give them a completely fresh view on their role or business.

Candidates won’t just meet their own cohort on the platform, as offer holders across our whole MBA portfolio will be given access, meaning they mix with candidates with a range and wealth of experiences to draw on.

Graeme: The next benefit is accessing bespoke, relevant content that is useful to our offer holders. With CampusConnect we have the ability to cater the platform to the needs of our MBA candidates. Whilst some content may be relevant to all, for example, how best to prepare for studying an MBA, we can also target and tailor materials to candidates’ areas of interest. Candidates also have the ability to set up their own groups, which could be linked to the sector they work in, a society they wish to participate in or even their aspirations on completion of their MBA.

There will also be a focus on articles and materials that will help candidates on their journey with us, such as content about living and studying in the UK, accommodation and dedicated careers support.

Image of Alex Harman, Assistant Business Development and Recruitment Manager

Alex: Another key benefit is the chance to get a real feel for Warwick Business School and our vision and mission. The platform allows us to show our candidates what their MBA journey will look like, from the inside. Candidates will have exclusive access to current students and our professional service teams including admissions, careers and programme team support. The platform gives convenient and direct access to the experts in all areas, who can offer a unique and meaningful perspective, and share their experiences and knowledge about the MBA experience.

What are your hopes for the platform going forward?

Graeme: We hope the CampusConnect platform will be a supportive and engaging space where candidates can build relationships with their future cohort, as well as extend their wider network, connecting with current students and global alumni. It will be used as a place to share key information to help candidates prepare to join their MBA programme.

We hope that the app will provide a convenient tool for candidates to engage with us and other candidates as well as building a relationship and connection with WBS at the earliest possible stage – a relationship that starts as an offer holder, will grow through their time studying with us, and continue as member of our alumni community. As more candidates join the platform, we hope the space will become even more vibrant, energetic, and, importantly, candidate-led, with engaging participation, discussion topics and debate. Candidate feedback will help to shape future development and offer increased added value experiences and opportunities through events, private and live chat messaging.

CampusConnect is exclusively available to our MBA offer holders. To hear from our alumni, current participants, and recruitment and admissions teams outside of CampusConnect, sign up to one our MBA-specific events and find out more about the benefits of a Warwick MBA.