What it takes to be a great marketing leader

31 May 2022

This Executive Diploma captures the essence of the challenges facing middle and senior managers with the responsibility for marketing, sales, customer service, innovation or any of the many functions that sit under the marketing umbrella. It will provide attendees with innovative, cutting-edge and dynamic solutions to benefit the individual, the company, and the wider societal remit. What this programme will do is allow each delegate to confront their unique marketing issues and over the course of the module build plans and strategies needed to provide real value, real leadership, and real marketing agility their organisation’s demand. From day one you will build a tool kit of expertise, working with the leading marketing academics who have years of practice and business consulting experience. They will ensure that the management theories, concepts and frameworks come alive and that you can operationalise them in practice by crafting solutions to the myriad of marketing challenges facing you and all businesses today.

This programme provides a depth of engagement with the leading-edge theories and practices which are critical for business and individual careers and helps to turbo charge both individual marketing careers and the marketing expertise within organisations. Companies need marketing leadership and agility to ensure that they are alert to and managing within the complexities of the current marketing environment, and this programme provides this.  

We take the big issues in marketing today and explore solutions working with the leading marketing academics and practitioners – whether that is through creating strategic marketing plans that work, enhancing your customer centricity, exploring or transforming through digitalisation and data-driven marketing solutions or building innovative strategies, processes and critically culture. We do this with you so that you can operationalise or deploy what you have learnt within your business.  
This is a hands-on minds-on programme with engaging classroom experiences working with the leading Professors of Marketing from Warwick Business School and further afield, and with Professors of Practice and other practitioners, to ensure that you have the necessary marketing skills to lead your organisation during these challenging times. 

The four core modules are:
•    Marketing strategies and planning
•    Enhancing customer voice and customer centricity
•    Innovation strategy, process and customer and 
•    Digital transformation and sales
Each of these have marketing leadership and digital agility embedded as core. Through your engagement with these modules, you will reflect on, study and be able to overcome the contemporary and critical challenges and complexities in the current market. Your own marketing/sales/innovation/digital plan forms the spine of this diploma and will build through each module to ensure that you provide value to your company after each module, and with an end of programme take away of a developed workable plan. You complete the programme with an enhanced understanding and critically with the ability to operationalise across a range of marketing areas including strategy and planning, customer centric and customer experience management, digital transformation, sales management and selling challenges and innovation process, strategies and culture.

Modern marketing is at the core of business success and this programme places you right at the heart of that success. It is designed to turbo charge your marketing career by providing value to your company from day one and right through the programme.

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