Meet the Doctor: Remi Abere

18 May 2022

Meet Remi Abere from our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) class of 2016 - 2020. Remi Abere has a diverse range of experience spanning across IT, Finance, Corporate Communications, Business Development and Marketing. She has spent the last 10 years working with IBM, leading strategic and operational projects across Africa including building out the company's CSR agenda and community investment portfolio. 

Why did you choose the DBA at WBS?

I chose the DBA at WBS because it had an exceptional reputation. I was also already familiar with Warwick as three of my children attended the university and are currently doing very well in their professional fields.

Another key decision-making factor was the facilities; I was impressed by the campus at Warwick and the phenomenal workshop venue at the Shard. I felt it was very conducive to learning, research and networking, plus it is situated in the heart of London which is always a plus.

What was the topic of your thesis?

"The New World of Work: The Emergence of New-Collar Skills in Africa".

My study found that a new kind of skill is emerging with the new technological age, namely “The New-Collar Skill”. The study defines the New-Collar Skill and finds that it has a positive effect on increasing employability and participation in digital entrepreneurship and online outsourcing in Africa. I also developed an assessment tool, the “New Collar Employability Quotient.”

In 2022, Remi won our 'best thesis' award for her dissertation.

What were your programme highlights?

The DBA programme has given me the opportunity to develop both professionally and personally through the four-year intensive programme. One of my main highlights has been joining the diverse and highly intellectual fellow cohort from all over the world which fostered knowledge, culture, friendship and fun.

I’ve also really benefited from the faculty, who were not only renowned in their respective fields, but were also very friendly and approachable; their support every step of the way was truly invaluable.

Most of all, I relished being able to develop myself as a thought leader in a specific area and contribute to practice.

How has the DBA impacted your career?

One of the reasons I enrolled on the DBA programme was for a change in career. After spending more than 30 years in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, I wanted to work in an area where I would be able to solve a societal challenge and contribute. The area that I am most passionate about is skills - the skills needed to engage the youth in this age of automation, especially in Africa because it is poised to become home of the world’s largest workforce.

My findings have enabled me set up a social enterprise, RoebiGlobal, focused on helping to develop African technology talent for local and remote employment. I also started consulting for the Nigerian government in this area.

The DBA also allowed me to establish myself as a thought leader in this space and I have written for local papers and have also recently been published in the MIT Sloan Management Review.

What are your plans for the future, and do you think the DBA will help you achieve them?

My plans are to further establish myself as a thought leader in the technology, skills and talent space. I will continue to research on this subject and apply my findings to my consulting practice. I also want to publish more articles, possibly write a book and maybe take on a Professor of Practice role. I certainly do think the DBA will help me achieve this, I am seeing the dividends already.

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