Continuing my learning on the Warwick Executive Diplomas

07 December 2021

Elena first joined us in 2019, to study our Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation. In 2020, she decided to continue her Executive Diploma journey and joined our Strategic Leadership programme. In this blog, Elena describes her learning experience as an Executive Diploma participant at WBS.   

I started my career in Arts and Culture and then in Philanthropy, collaborating with national and international organisations in the areas of education, arts and social entrepreneurship. I chose to study the Executive Diploma in Strategy and Innovation at Warwick Business School (WBS) - in 2019 and then the Diploma in Strategic Leadership in 2020. I recognised in myself the need to learn more about strategy, experiment with innovative tools and methodologies and use this knowledge in achieving long term goals. I also felt that strategic thinking was missing in the Arts and Culture sector, (of course with a few exceptions), and wished to engage more people in strategic thinking to develop a more sustainable and systemic approach to investment, policy making and the development of culture and creative sectors.

I was firstly interested in this programme for practical reasons, as the programme is based at The Shard in the centre of London, only a direct flight from Athens and in a beautiful setting. Then I researched and recognised the value of the content and high standards of academic profiles. Plus, I also experienced the care and concern from the staff at WBS, from the beginning of my communication in regards to my application. It is so important to communicate with professionals but also genuinely kind people.

I could write another assignment about all the things I enjoyed about the programme. Firstly, I have learnt so much and I am already practicing most of my learnings in my current role. I had the opportunity to work on actual challenges I was facing at work, and research on specific topics and projects, much related to systemic change and sustainability. So the approach and methodology of the course was not at all theoretical and general. The academic staff have done remarkable job in adapting the content to our own separate professional interests and expertise, providing a very human centric approach in class and engaging each one of us individually. I was the only person coming from the Arts & Culture sector and I was impressed from the feedback and directions I received not only from the professors but from my amazing classmates too. It was a true co-creative and meaningful journey into knowledge and self-exploration. As the first cohort, we have supported each other and became true friends. We are still communicating on a regular basis and exchanging views on a variety of issues. WBS has facilitated us to create this bond. In the midst of the pandemic we were supporting each other, exchanging experiences, ideas and concerns. I have to emphasise that I have met a few of the most impactful and driven people in my life on the programme. We are still looking forward for a new opportunity to meet again at the Shard for a face-to-face reunion.

In July 2019, a few months after starting with the Strategy and Innovation course, I changed work environment and was faced with many challenges, personally and professionally. I had to find a new balance and re-organise, due to many responsibilities (work and family). I realised very soon that I was not the only working mother, and was empowered by other participants, looking with admiration and respect at my classmates that have also adapted their busy schedules. It is feasible, and manageable, especially when you begin to realise the benefit and joy as well as the support you receive from the University. Plus, my.wbs was a super convenient tool, as it helps you to organise all relevant material, communication etc. It is user friendly, and helps you also in terms of community engagement and interaction with the academic environment. Also, the information you receive in real time helps you a lot, (receiving a variety of new resources, news, events and connecting with opportunities).

The Warwick Executive Diplomas are the best choice for professionals that wish to be engaged into a truly amazing and life changing experience. You may discover new things within you, expand knowledge and exchange good practices; and even decide to dare to make a career switch that can lead to greater overall happiness.

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