Studying the Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership

25 October 2019

Executive Diploma participant Deirdre Lynch, describes her experience on the Strategic Leadership programme and how the course has impacted her career.

I’ve had a career working as a Strategy and Operations Improvement Consultant across the UK, Ireland and USA since graduating from WBS in 2010. I have always appreciated the benefits of continued professional development, self-investment, and the edge it can provide to your business. I was seriously considering an MBA, however, as a Director of my own company I wanted to avoid stepping away from my responsibilities.

The WBS Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership provided the intellectual stimulation I had been craving, a chance to really think and challenge my assumptions alongside a manageable time commitment – four days every quarter.

What I hadn’t appreciated before attending the course was how routinely I approached aspects of my work; that there are elements where I could dramatically improve my leadership style and the real competitive edge a strategic leader provides. The course is informing my future career trajectory and areas of further personal and professional focus.

Compelling reasons to pursue Executive Education are to challenge your thinking, improve your ability to be a strategic leader and apply what your company needs to be truly competitive. The reason to spend your time at WBS is not just for the vast level of quality research, accreditation and experience of those lecturing on your course, but your unique cohort and what learning from their career and experience provides.

The deadline for applications to the Warwick Diploma in Strategic Leadership for September 2020 entry is Friday 14 August 2020.

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