Taking a step back to explore the full scope of digital transformation

18 November 2020

“The Digital Leadership programme has been a winning investment to help guide my organisation through this change”. Former course participant, Jean-Michel Hermange, shares his reasons for studying the Digital Leadership programme and describes the benefits of an Executive Diploma.

Digital Transformation. Everybody is talking about it, we are constantly contacted by consulting firms, technological start-ups, articles are published every day by practitioners or academics from the best universities, we attend conferences given by experts and multiple initiatives within our organisations are emerging. Though, under the scale of this transformation and the speed at which it is taking place, it becomes complicated to understand the underlying elements of these technological disruptions and consequently to make the right managerial decisions.

To stay in the 'race', many managers 'digitise' for the sake of digitalisation, making incremental changes rather than a deep transformation of their organisations business model. The risk is to follow the trend rather than innovate and make the trend.

Having worked for incumbent banks and insurers for more than 15 years, I’ve seen the regulatory and market context change drastically, but the digital revolution has increased the level of challenge for traditional players that see their business model at risk. To lead the necessary change successfully, I needed to be able to apprehend the full scope of the digital transformation that goes beyond the technology.

That's why I wanted to take the time to step back and learn at a world-class university. As I toured the programmes offered by the different institutions, I was convinced by Warwick Business School's Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership programme.

My expectations, as a leader at an Insurance Company, was to have an in-depth understanding of digital technology and its transformative impacts on our existing business, to help me define a comprehensive strategic roadmap, supporting our digital transformation. The Digital Leadership programme at WBS has been a winning investment to help guide my organisation through this change.

The setting is exceptional at The Shard, in the heart of London. It was a real pleasure to study with colleagues coming from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds. I think that I can speak on behalf of my fellows to underline the quality of the welcome from the WBS programme team, who do everything to make life easier for students who have to juggle studies and professional responsibilities.

Looking back, I can only recommend this training to leaders who have the ambition to position their organisation as the digital players of tomorrow. The Warwick Executive Diploma in Digital Leadership is a comprehensive programme, taught by renowned, passionate teachers who make this broad and complex subject very accessible.

This programme requires a lot of work from candidates but it is really worth it, as you will come out with an understanding of the market dynamics created by digital technologies, and tools to design the future of your organisation.

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