Why I decided to study an Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation

12 July 2022

Mladen Milovanovic, participant on the Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation, shares why he chose WBS and why he looked to a diploma to support his career goals

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: what are you doing for others?” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) 

Driven by my desire to cure, to care for and to relieve the burden of diseases my patients experience in their everyday lives, I realised there are a whole array of opportunities within healthcare to improve our operations and to concurrently increase the value of patientcare. In my aspirations I started a company working with the innovation in cardiovascular medicine (my medical specialty) and in healthcare in general.

As is usually the case, we as physicians have historically and often been left out of the process side of health care systems. That was the reason I was tempted to strengthen my professional base and to embrace a new challenge on my journey in further self-development. I was looking for an academic institution that would intrigue me to think differently and that would set the foundation for lifelong impact on how I would lead. Having lived in the West Midlands before and having been in contact with the health care professionals that had studied at Warwick Business School (WBS), I was most delighted by the guidance and ease in communication with the Recruitment Managers at WBS. And, it did not take too long before my journey with WBS started.

Taking into regard the nature of my work, the Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation was a natural choice. The course is comprised of four modules, each focused on respective frameworks, tools, and analyses. The four modules led me to a new way of understanding the art of creating superior performance – strategy and innovation. A colleague of mine asked me recently which module(s) I liked most. Indeed, that was not an easy question. Each module brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in a specific part of strategy terrain. Though, if I would have to choose, I must admit the last module, in strategy execution was really the most probing one. I enjoyed it very much because we needed to interweave all of the knowledge we had previously gained from the Diploma and combine it into an overall execution of our strategic initiative.

Certainly, it was the teaching methodology that made all modules unique. Teaching was highly interactive, engaging, and lively, which opened the door for collaboration very easily. Professional value I gained from our classes led to a whole new world of thinking in strategy and innovation. And, the value was just not quantifiable. On the other hand, interestingly, what I also noticed is that strategic thinking we learnt in our classes can be applied in our personal life too – for instance, by directing your own career evolution.

In retrospect, the last year has been one of the fastest years in my life. Fortunately, as the pandemic eased and we started travelling again, I embarked on this self-developing journey studying the Executive Diploma in Strategy & Innovation. And, this past year has been one of the most rewarding ones in general. Education is truly the most enriching gift you can offer yourself. The Diploma has been a global experience. Culturally diverse, our cohort was highly inspiring, uplifting and immensely supportive. As we got acquainted, I realised we were taking this journey together. Not being afraid of the magnitude of course-work that could be tough occasionally, we felt our peer spirit taking us forward. We all must make it! As we learned from each other and from a highly engaging faculty, doing the Executive Diploma at WBS reminded me that life is all about a journey, not a destination. Exposing yourself to challenges and everything that life “throws” at you are only enriching and essential to grow.

If you really want to change, to expand your global network and to try new ideas, come and study one of the courses at one of the two WBS bases (London or University of Warwick) that attracts you. As in my case, WBS can open the door to an entire world of opportunities that will uplift you, build your confidence and break down the barriers. The reward will be immense. Looking back at the past academic year, I am most grateful that WBS challenged me to reinvent myself as an ethical global leader.

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