Women working to return to work

27 October 2020

“The Strategic Leadership Diploma has given me confidence and some great tools for my leadership style.” Former Executive Diploma student, Rebecca Gallagher, tells us about her experience of returning to work and how the Strategic Leadership Diploma helped her to re-engage with professionals and secure a new role.

Returning to work after spending time at home looking after a growing family is exciting, but it can be a little daunting. With greater competition in the workplace, it can feel like your voice is too quiet to be heard. It can be difficult to know where to start or how you will be received by potential employers.

When I decided it was time to go back to work, as my children approached secondary school age, I was optimistic and hopeful that my skills would be valued. However, despite applying for a wide range of roles at various levels within my experience bank, I couldn’t seem to get an interview. I felt irrelevant and that my CV was old fashioned. Having had a great career before children I was determined not to be relegated and I was convinced I would be able to add value. I really believed that I have a great deal to offer and although I am not in my 20’s, I have loads of life experience and now the freedom to work and develop my career without interruption.

I looked at a variety of options to re-educate myself, investing in myself before I expected others to. I looked at the Executive MBA, Full-time MBA and the variety of Executive Diploma courses offered by Warwick Business School (WBS). All of them seemed exciting and a great way to re-engage with professionals and build my personal profile at the same time. After looking at the courses on offer and speaking with senior employees in my social network, I chose the Executive Diploma in Strategic Leadership, as it was the right course for me. Considerations included, course timings, accessibility of teaching, my learning style, costs and length of the course.

I really enjoyed re-engaging in the professional space and the Strategic Leadership Diploma was well delivered and I felt the volume of work was manageable within the demands of my life. I am delighted to now have a fabulous role, which is challenging, interesting and has opportunities for me to grow and develop my career, it is a very exciting place to be. The Strategic Leadership Diploma has given me some great tools for my leadership style and confidence within my new leadership role. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to develop and grow my skills, before recommencing my career.

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