An MBA programme designed for busy professionals

08 April 2020

Distance Learning MBA London student, Niosha Kayhani tells us about his career prior to studying his MBA and how the flexiblity of the Distance Learning programme allows him to study whilst working. 

To provide some background information - I’m an Iranian who was born in Sweden, living in the UK and currently transitioning to the US. In 2001 I moved to the UK where, through the schooling-age rules, I skipped two years of education - instead of starting in year six, I began in year eight. With English becoming my third language, this became an extremely challenging period of my life. To cut a long story short, after having struggled through the initial years of my education in the UK, I worked hard throughout and received a First Class Honors degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a Distinction in MSc Engineering and Management, where I was also the elected valedictorian.

I have a passion for technology and its applications in the real world. I have worked with a wide range of technologies from fire detectors at Apollo Fire Detectors to fibre optic lasers at SPI Lasers and self-driving cars at Google. More recently, I have transitioned to become the Director of Innovation at Cubic Corporation, the parent company of Cubic Transportation Systems, where I will help to drive initiatives across the whole organisation and business units, which also include defense and secure communications.

My personal experience with the flexibility of the Distance Learning MBA has been extremely positive. I have had extenuating circumstances where the faculty have been extremely responsive and also empathetic and understanding of the situation. The programme is very much designed to work for busy professionals that are focused on their career and personal development. For instance, many people wondered how I would be able to transition from the UK to the States with my ongoing MBA commitments. Truth be told, the programme has been the element that has been the simplest in regards to migration.

The ability to interact with faculty and students during live lessons is extremely powerful which helps bridge the gap between traditional teaching (face-to-face) and distance learning which, on the surface, may seem very isolated. The creation of local and virtual communities helps to bring together the essential elements of teamwork and collaboration which is key to successfully partake in an MBA programme at a high-calibre institution like Warwick Business School.

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