"Anything is possible" - The WBS Distance Learning MBA

12 August 2020

Distance Learning MBA participant, Ruta Dainyte, tells us about her career and why she decided to study an MBA, as well as offering advice for future MBA students. 

Career History

After graduating with a degree in Business and Finance in 2014, I worked in a risk analyst role with an American investment bank for three and a half years before moving to a Middle Eastern boutique bank based in central London. This is where I currently work as a Credit Risk Manager, overlooking the creditworthiness of our clients. It's already been two years, and my experience is totally different from my previous role. It is a slower-paced environment and a smaller team; however, the knowledge I have gained in terms of working within a different culture is eye-opening. Understanding age, gender, education importance and how business and leadership decisions are made in Middle Eastern culture is very interesting and will be useful in my future career.

The decision to study an MBA

My experience working in risk management has led to a desire to gain a broader understanding of business. Not only for my future career success, but personally for myself. Business and entrepreneurship were always very interesting subjects for me and for a while, I had a secret wish to start my own company one day. An MBA was a natural choice and I was looking to only settle for the best (Warwick Business School is ranked number one in the world for three years in a row by the Financial Times). I decided to study a Distance Learning MBA as I needed to continue working full-time and I also liked the flexibility and independence of the programme. I had just one option, no plan B and as we can see now, it was meant to be! 

The WBS CareersPlus team

WBS has a fantastic CareersPlus team. The most exciting learning experience for me so far has been a rediscovery of myself, my values, future goals, my skill set and what kind of workplace and role would be most suitable for me. With our busy lifestyles and big future plans or career goals, we tend to forget ourselves and lose our way. We get so involved in this moving career ladder circle that sometimes we even forget to question if that is really what we want. The CareersPlus team challenged me with questionnaires, interviews, workshops and career consultation calls, made me think deeper, reflectively analyse myself and be very honest. It was a fantastic experience, and I hope when my next career decision comes, I will be ready to make the right choice.

The future

I have several plans for the future. As we can see from 2020, life is full of surprises and sometimes our plans change. However, I know one thing for certain, that whatever my future career choices will be I will make sure to contribute to society. I am lucky to be able to study at such an amazing university and meet all of these extraordinary and talented people. However, I know that not everyone is as fortunate as I am. By giving back and helping people, I hope I can share some of this luck and make even a small difference to someone's life.

My advice to future MBA students

Whatever you dream of, go for it! In life, anything is possible. In regards to studying the MBA, sometimes it will be hard, very challenging and there may be times you will regret it and maybe even want to quit. But trust me, this is just a temporary feeling, and, in the end, it will be so worth it.

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