Applying my learning directly to a real-life work environment

21 February 2023

Executive MBA (London) participant, Anish Saxena, explores how he has been able to apply his learning from the MBA programme immediately into the workplace.

Having 15+ years of work experience in multiple countries and cultures, I did not have a clear idea about how the MBA was going to make an effective change in my learning and approach to work. Initially approaching the Executive MBA programme, I wasn’t sure how I could make use of the subjects taught professionally at my workplace. I was looking forward to some technical topics such as Finance and Accounting, as they were a bit familiar. However, since starting the programme, I have experienced that all the topics are designed in a way that flawlessly applies to so many aspects of my work.

For example, Organisational Behaviour (OB) is a critical field of study in business management that examines how people behave within organisations. Studying this module has helped me to improve how I communicate with a variety of stakeholders. We explored various techniques in the OB lectures, such as active listening and adapting communication styles to suit different people. It has greatly influenced how I now motivate employees/team, manage conflict and deal with challenging situations, which can lead to improved performance and productivity. Additionally, I am now better at promoting the importance of respecting different cultures, genders, and backgrounds, to create a more inclusive workplace and foster a culture that celebrates diversity.

Similarly, I used my learning from the Strategic Advantage module in the workplace to truly understand the concept of underlying strategies. Knowing various forms of strategy has enabled me to better analyse the environment so that I can make informed decisions. It has also been a game changer for me, as it has taught me how to effectively prioritise or de-prioritise tasks, align with critical goals, and make sure my focus isn’t spread too thin, which (I know now!) I was struggling with before.

Again, the pace at which I could apply the concepts of management directly to my current workplace has been remarkable and something that I never envisioned initially. I believe that the reason students can make practical application of studied concepts so impeccably lies within the unique way how assessments are designed within the MBA program. A combination of individual and group work uses a multitude of skill sets and enhances the overall learning experience. Each assessment is designed in a manner that motivates and challenges the students to go further than expected. In addition, there was a huge emphasis given to analysing the practical application of concepts by researching organisations, where such concepts were implemented.

Now, having realised the value of studied modules and how they have transformed me (quite visibly), I am more excited to walk back into the classroom for every new lecture and module. I never thought I would say this, but why didn’t I start this course ‘sooner’ in my career!?

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