'Be confident in yourself' - My application tips for the Full-time MBA

31 March 2022

Ree Soratee shares her application experience for the Full-time MBA programme. 

Time flies so fast. I’m writing this blog at the end of term two. However, the process before joining the Full-time MBA programme is a long story. It started around December 2020 and it took a whole month to find the right place for me. Searching for schools’ information, comparing them and asking for insights from alumni and experts, I was confident that Warwick Business School was the right first choice MBA for me.

After that, I started the process by emailing my CV to the admission team for review. They did the preliminary screening for the eligibility to apply. After I received the green light from them, I started my application process with the help of an education agent to ensure everything was perfect. It took around two to three weeks to finish my application for Warwick.

Starting the application

The essential part of the application is essays. I wrote three pieces, two for the application and another one for the scholarship. For the essays, my main recommendation would be to focus on your achievements and contributions. It is more important to tell the selection committee what you have achieved and what you can contribute to the class, not just to provide general information on your background.

Another crucial part of the application is the recommendations from your line manager and colleagues. When you are selecting your referees, it is important to make sure they are people who work with you and understand you the most. They can give the selection committee honest feedback about your strengths, weakness, and achievements.

Mastering the interview

After submitting the application, I received the confirmation for the interview. For the interview, I would recommend that you focus on situation-based questions. To answer these questions, you should be able to give the interviewer an example of your previous experience related to the question. Tell them what the problem was, what you did to overcome the problem, what was the result and if you could do it again, what would you change. Show the interviewer who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you are going to contribute to the class. After my interview I received good news from Warwick Business School. I had been given a conditional offer with the requirement to pass the Warwick test! The final step to be a part of Warwick’s Full-time MBA cohort was also the most challenging part for me.

Passing the test

To pass the Warwick test, I needed to achieve a 50% score in three sections: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning. I prepped for two weeks then; it was the time for judgement. The most challenging part for me was verbal reasoning since I am not a native English speaker. When I finished the test, honestly, I was not sure I would pass the verbal part and was so nervous about the result.

The day after the test, I received the result, and I had passed! It was one of the best days since the pandemic started. Two days after I passed the Warwick test, I received an unconditional letter. Five months of effort; it was worth it. My dream came true!

Believe in yourself

One last tip for anyone who would like to be a part of Warwick MBA is to be confident in yourself and keep communicating with the admissions team. I may not have an outstanding academic background but I am part of Warwick Full-time MBA now because I could assure the selection committee that I have the qualities they are looking for, and last but not least, I showed them I can contribute something to the class.

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