Building my business with help from the Global Online MBA

01 February 2024

Katie Muldoon, a previous runner-up of Heropreneurs, shares her journey to discovering the Heropreneurs initiative, which provides scholarships for ex-military to pursue an MBA or a Diploma at WBS. Additionally, she reflects on her experiences during her first year in the Global Online MBA programme.

Towards the end of 2021, I took the leap from a corporate job and started my own company. I wanted to combine my military experience, corporate management consulting, and my in-depth psychology studies to offer a new kind of leadership coaching for leaders. 

Using my military networks

Although I had left the military in 2014, I naturally reached for my military networks to explore what support was available. I sensed that the camaraderie and spirit I remember from my ten years in the RAF would be built-in to these networks and knew I would need it on this journey.

Discovering Heropreneurs and making my application

I discovered Heropreneurs whilst I was working with a mentor, and realised that this initiative offered scholarships at Warwick Business School (WBS). I couldn’t believe the match in values to my own business aspirations and the School’s Change Makers, who are driven by Curiosity, Openness, Restlessness and Excellence. 

The whole application process was a real moment of reflection for me, helping me refine my business proposition and cement my motivation for applying. I didn’t have all the answers for my business yet, which is exactly why I was applying for a scholarship. 

One year into my Global Online MBA

After having received the scholarship, I’m now over a year into the Global Online MBA and I have acquired such a depth and range of knowledge of key topics in business that I am now able to articulate my business offer in ways that really resonate with my target audiences. The insights from the lessons, combined with my own original insights through my reflective practice, have allowed me to change gear with my ambition for my business. 

I cannot recommend applying for the WBS Bursary Award enough - the process of learning and collaborating, exchanging ideas with my new network and increased knowledge is helping to build my business every day.