CareersPlus: A partner in my professional journey

04 March 2024

Participants of the Full-time MBA discuss the support provided to them by the CareersPlus team and its impact on their professional paths.

Urmee Silvee

Image of Urmee SilveeAs I embarked on my journey as an international student in the UK, the prospect of navigating the unfamiliar terrain of the job market seemed daunting, especially given the intense pressure of the one-year MBA programme. The sheer weight of academic commitments often left little room for systematic job search efforts. In this context, the support provided by the CareersPlus team at Warwick Business School (WBS) for Full-time MBA students proved to be a vital resource, alleviating some of the burdens of managing everything alone.

Their instrumental assistance went beyond merely refining my CV and organising workshops and networking events; they served as a crucial sounding board through one-on-one coaching sessions, prompting my efforts in the right direction. Beyond CV refinement, the CareersPlus team curated a diverse array of events that not only introduced me to various industries but also broadened my professional horizons in unforeseen ways. From enlightening networking sessions to workshops delving into professional etiquette and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for optimal job search outcomes, their guidance made a difference in honing my skills. They further assisted me in navigating different job applications, ensuring that my efforts were focused and effective, despite the time constraints imposed by the rigorous MBA programme.

Moreover, their support extended to providing invaluable insights and feedback through initiatives like the Development Centre, where simulated job assessment sessions mirrored real-life scenarios. This hands-on experience not only honed my skills but also boosted my confidence and prepared me to face actual job interviews and assessments.

Additionally, the Coaching Mentorship programme offered by CareersPlus allowed me to not only support an undergraduate student but also refine my leadership skills in the process. This personalised approach to mentorship further enriched my experience, providing me with a holistic support system that complemented my academic endeavours.

Even in instances where challenges arose, such as missing registration for a sector connector event at The Shard in London, the CareersPlus team's dedication was evident. Their proactive efforts to secure tickets for me showcased their commitment to my success, reinforcing the invaluable role they played in my professional development journey.

On reflection, I am deeply grateful for the consistent guidance and assistance provided by CareersPlus. Their support not only alleviated the pressures of the intense MBA programme but also equipped me with the confidence and skills needed to successfully navigate the UK job market.

Sukhvinder Randhawa

Image of Sukhvinder RandhawaEmbarking on the journey towards a successful career can be daunting, but with the right support, it becomes an exhilarating adventure. From the moment I stepped into the MBA programme at Warwick Business School (WBS), the CareersPlus team seamlessly integrated themselves into my academic journey. Their unwavering commitment to our cohorts became evident as they meticulously tailored resume and cover letters to resonate with industry demands, ensuring that each application was a testament to my skills and aspirations.

Beyond the realms of paper, the team provided invaluable insights into the various sectors and also introduced us to the resources available on  my.wbs. They also helped us to set up the MBA clubs, especially in my case where I started a new society and received all the support I could ask for from the team. They  set up meetings with external counsellors and fostered connections with alumni, enriching my understanding of diverse career paths and solidifiying my networking prowess.

Preparation for interviews and development centre exercises became a collaborative endeavour, with the CareersPlus team offering tailored guidance and conducting insightful case studies with the feedback on our performance. The team, along with my fellow cohort, also started the case study club. Their array of workshops and networking events served as platforms for honing skills, forging connections, and gaining first-hand industry knowledge for various sectors.

One of the team's most commendable attributes lies in their partnership with the Employer Relations team. Through this symbiotic relationship, they facilitated interactions with esteemed employers through various events and workshops, paving the way for meaningful employment opportunities and fostering a bridge between academia and industry.

In one instance, when my Career Coach’s calendar was busy,  another coach offered her time for consultation, showing relentless dedication. Their support and personalised guidance have not only equipped me with the tools for success but have also armed me with knowledge, skills, and a network of support that knows no bounds.

At WBS, the CareersPlus team stands as a beacon of guidance, offering a myriad of resources and personalised assistance to empower students in navigating the intricate landscape of professional growth.