Celebrating the women on our MBA: Meet Georgia Pawson

10 March 2020

Highly motivated and ambitious are distinguishing characteristics of our MBA candidates. Throughout March we're finding out more about the women on our MBA to discover what makes them tick. Our second blog of the 2020 series shines light on Georgia Pawson, an Executive MBA participant already inspiring and empowering the next generation of STEM students.

What makes Georgia a stand-out MBA candidate?

Skilled problem-solver, strategic thinker, and devoted STEM ambassador, Georgia Pawson balances her time working as a technical consultant alongside volunteering, supporting the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network as Vice-Chair, and studying part-time at WBS London, The Shard. Since completing her Master’s degree in Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management, the risk and safety nuclear energy expert has supported decommissioning projects as a safety consultant and now offers her expertise to operating stations, solving generating power stations puzzles in a rounded, smarter way. Alongside her day job, Georgia promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects to inspire and engage school children, as well as assessing the British Science Association’s CREST awards and acting as a mentor to students. We spoke to Georgia to find out more.

What led you to pursue the Executive MBA at WBS?

I am always looking for the next challenge, to push outside my comfort zone and to further my career. Doing an MBA has been an ambition of mine for a while; I wanted to give myself the best possible grounding across business in order to take those next steps and continue to push myself, learn and empower others. I am an inquisitive person and being able to take my learning and apply it straight away into work and my volunteering was also very appealing.

What is your proudest achievement?

Every day I try to reflect after work and find something in the day which I was proud of. These achievements have varied in size, however two recent big ones stand out: leading and delivering the most successful two day company conference alongside my client work and continuing to be held in high regard in my embedded role following adverse challenges which I had limited control over. On a larger scale, each day I am proud to undertake work which enables the UK to produce low carbon base load energy from UK nuclear power stations. In my volunteering I have run global events to inspire individuals to work and stay in the nuclear industry, as well as encourage school children to take an interest in STEM. Supporting the next generation, and women in particular, is hugely important, especially in nuclear; and I am extremely proud to play a part in this.

How have you found studying at WBS so far?

I was apprehensive at the start as you never know entirely what to expect from each module, and I haven’t been in a classroom for a while, but so far I have really enjoyed the learning and the experience as a whole. It’s inspiring to be in a room with amazing individuals and to participate in forward thinking conversation. That said, the studying is not without its sacrifices and time is required to get to grips with some areas of business which may not come as naturally to me as others. You never know what to expect each time you step into the room, but that to me is a draw.

How have you found the balance between working and studying?

The balance is constantly moving; some weeks you think you’ve got it and other weeks curve balls are chucked at you and you just about manage to stay afloat. A friend said to me that you can only have three of the following at any time: study, work, sleep and socialising. That was the best advice I was given, do not try to have all four as it is not practicable. It is also an incredibly rewarding process which pushes you in all different directions beyond any preconceptions, and the support from the cohort and business school powers you on.

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed so far?

I get the most from learning and sharing business examples to put what is being studied that day into reality. Organisational Behaviour has been a highlight of the course so far; I like the the tangibility of it not just being played out at work but all around you every day. Having a career in science draws me to anything evidence-based, which Organisational Behaviour certainly was. I have recently been pleasantly surprised with the Accounting and Finance module and have enjoyed the assignment. Finally, I am looking forward to modules which will push me out of my comfort zone, as well as electives which I have recently selected.

What advice would you give to students embarking on the MBA?

You have put all the hard work in to get a place – enjoy the experience and maximise the opportunities which you are given. The structure is there to help you, along with your peers. You have got to this position because you want to do it, use that strength to carry you through the journey.

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