Celebrating the women on our MBA: Meet Jaclyn Anderson

28 March 2019

Highly motivated and ambitious are distinguishing characteristics of our MBA candidates. Throughout March we're finding out more about the women on our MBA to discover what makes them tick. Our final blog of the series celebrates the achievements of Distance Learning MBA candidate Jaclyn Anderson.

What makes Jaclyn a stand-out MBA candidate?

Head of Strategy at investment management company Quilter Cheviot Ltd., co-owner of Corban Coffee Roasters, mother of three, and current Distance Learning MBA candidate, Jaclyn Anderson is high-achieving, resilient and in constant pursuit of a challenge. While her career keeps her busy, Jaclyn describes herself as being driven by her family, and she sought an MBA as a committment to invest in herself. Jaclyn’s career trajectory is inspiring, and since she embarked on her MBA she has advanced from an operational role into her current position as head of strategy, all the while working on the speciality coffee roasting company she co-founded in 2018. We spoke to Jaclyn to find out more.

What led you to pursue an MBA?

I started the MBA because I wanted to challenge myself again – I felt a restless need for change and my MBA journey was to help me shape what that change would be. The MBA really stands out against other courses because it covers a broad spectrum of subjects – there’s not one kind of specialism. It covers business, how to do business, and leadership, right through to marketing, so that really appealed when I was choosing the right course. The MBA is ideal if you want a change; it opens up your mind and pushes you to consider things in a broader context.

What led you to choose a Distance Learning programme at WBS?

Ultimately, I chose WBS for the flexibility the Distance Learning programme allowed me – juggling a full time job, starting my business and looking after my three kids meant my studies were last on the time-allocation priority list. I’ve studied on the train, after work, and early in the morning when the kids are in bed, so the flexibility has really catered for what I needed. Warwick also stood out for me because of the way they integrated technology into the learning environment and the culture and values they portrayed.

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed so far?

I’ve found that the breadth of the modules and the depth of their content has provided me with a better understanding of a number of new disciplines which have been particularly helpful in my current role. The combination of on-campus learning during the Warwick Weeks with online modules, textbooks, and face-to-face learning, has offered a truly rounded learning experience. I was also able to do my Organisational Behaviour module in Singapore, which was fantastic!

How have you found being part of the WBS global community?

I was initially very worried about not actually meeting a lot of people, with it being a Distance Learning programme. But that hasn’t been the case - we’re on WhatsApp constantly! We’ve also been using the WBS live forums, the blackboard that they offer all the time, and it’s been great! It’s been really interactive. You’re logging on with people across the world, and that’s really helpful. I’ve learnt so much about myself through the team work submissions; it’s been challenging but I’ve learnt how to foster an environment for collaboration in short timescales, different time zones, with different first languages, and under pressure.

What have you gained from your MBA so far?

The MBA has given me a broader knowledge base to draw on; it’s helped me to grow my confidence, and also my interest in areas I didn’t expect, which has opened new doors for me. It’s prompted me to question why I am the way I am, what type of leader I am, how I can perform well in teams, and it's taught me not to be afraid of exploring new avenues. A lot of that learning was not in the course modules, but was developed through interaction with staff and members of my cohort, and I’m so grateful for the experience. I’m excited about the future and feel like I’m better prepared to walk the path I’m on – wherever it may lead.