Celebrating the women on our MBA: Meet Kristen Rossi
19 March 2019

Highly motivated and ambitious are distinguishing characteristics of our MBA candidates. Throughout March we're finding out more about the women on our MBA to discover what makes them tick. Our first blog of the series shines light on Kristen Rossi, a Full-time MBA candidate accustomed to the spotlight.

What makes Kristen a stand-out MBA candidate?

International jazz-singer, actress, entrepreneur, student radio presenter, blog writer, and current MBA candidate, Kristen is nothing but stand-out. After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts from Point Park University, Pittsburgh USA, Kristen Rossi left her home in New York to travel to Bangkok in pursuit of a career in the performing arts. Over the course of ten years, Rossi performed as a resident jazz singer in luxury hotels across Vietnam, Thailand, Macau and Hong Kong, and she describes herself as “born in New York, built in Asia”. Whilst performing in south-east Asia, Rossi co-founded Broadway Babe (performing under this stage name in Bangkok) and Musical Theatre for KIDS, making a name for herself as one of Thailand Tatler Magazine’s ‘Top 300 Expats’. We spoke to Kristen to find out more.

What led you to pursue a Full-time MBA?

I am more than just an entertainer; as an expat, I created several small businesses and in my free time I am interested in history, economics and politics. I wanted to stretch my potential and formalize these other talents and interests with an MBA. As part of the MBA cohort I have been inspired to do more and be better; everyone is open, curious and extremely driven.

What are you most proud of accomplishing at Warwick so far?

I launched a weekly radio show with Said Muhtadi. The MBA Show has been a huge success and we’ve had lots of guests on to discuss aspects of the course and student life. People seem to be enjoying the content and on Sundays, when the show is on-air, our cohort WhatsApp group comes alive with comments and laughter. The show is something we are all getting to share, and we aim to give our listeners valuable content and provide our cohort with a voice.

How have you found the process of coming to the UK as an international student?

It’s been challenging but worth it, and I’ve learned a lot through the process. As an international student there is so much to sort, from visas to bank accounts, council tax to new mobile numbers, and I wanted to share this knowledge. I began writing my blog ‘Real Life in the UK’ to communicate my experience and advice with other international students.

What advice would you give to students starting their MBA?

Remember that everyone in your cohort is in the same boat as you. Sometimes you will feel behind, sometimes you will feel alone, sometimes you will second guess your decision. The feeling will pass. Let the thoughts come and then let them go.

You are all in it together. Keep this in mind as it will help you stay motivated as well as help you be more sympathetic to others.

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To discover more tips and advice, and access The MBA Show archive, visit Kristen's blog 'Real Life in the UK.'