Distance learning MBA: Flexibility and Learning

05 June 2017

Sharon Cole describes how the Distance learning MBA allows her to use her commuting time to read lesson materials, which helps her maintain a good work and social balance.

"One of my main concerns when deciding to do an MBA was the time commitment. I wasn’t afraid of having to put the time in, just the impact it could have on other areas of my life. I work full-time and I’m self-funded so it was important that I could carry on working. I also have a life outside of work and family and friends are important to me, I was worried that I would have to sacrifice spending time with them.

What has worked well for me is to try to carve out chunks of time during my day, usually when I’m doing other things. I work in London and commute everyday so I while I’m on the train I read the lesson material, which is all provided as e-books so is really easy to do on a tablet or other mobile device. I’m usually travelling home in the evening when the wbsLive sessions are held so I join the lectures through my mobile phone. If I can’t join the session live I’ll watch the recording later, usually while cooking, or even while I’m on my exercise bike. 

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We all have different schedules, different commitments, different challenges we’re trying to work around. It’s about finding a way that works for you and the my.wbs learning environment is really helpful in enabling you do that. Everything in one place, easy to use and provides a great place to learn together. It might sound odd but I don’t feel like a distance learner. I’m at the University most days, with my fellow students, just in a virtual way. Which means you can even join the lectures in your pyjamas!"