Distance Learning MBA: How to make the most of Warwick Week

27 June 2018

'Warwick Weeks' are designed to embed your learning, enrich your studies and allow you to grow your network. Careers Manager, Sarah Jackson, shares some advice on how you can get the most from the experience.

While the Distance Learning MBA is studied primarily in a bespoke online learning environment, the course is distinguished by offering two seven-day ‘Warwick Weeks.’

Warwick Weeks run in September and April in your first year of study and take place either on campus or at WBS London, The Shard depending on your programme of study. Each week involves lectures, case studies, group work, assessment briefings, site visits, networking and social events along with careers and study skills sessions.

Warwick Weeks are an incredibly enlightening experience for many students - it is the chance to build relationships and increase the size of your networks. It is a well-known fact that 85% of new jobs at the middle/senior management level are found via “the hidden job market” i.e. networking.

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Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your Warwick Weeks:

  • You will meet virtually as study groups to discuss your group work for the first two modules that you will be studying. If possible keep your videos on or arrange to meet in a virtual medium where you can all see each other. Arrange to meet your study group beforehand face to face if possible, as this will help you to bond and to identify each other at the start of your residential week. It will also give you the confidence to start building relationships outside of your study group.
  • Complete as much of the academic pre-reading as possible so that you are familiar with the course content materials and therefore can spend time networking during your residential week rather than spending time trying to catch up.
  • Connect on LinkedIn prior to your Warwick Weeks and identify those students who have a relevance to your own background. You can then start a conversation with them in advance and have an idea who to look out for during your week.
  • You will all be allocated a coloured sticker on your student card which corresponds to the sector/industry that you are part of. You will be wearing your student card on a lanyard around your neck and the coloured sticker will be visible to all. This is a great excuse to start a conversation with those students from a similar sector, if you are looking to deepen or benchmark your knowledge, or those from a completely different sector that you are contemplating moving into. Make use of the coffee and lunch breaks to do this.
  • Many student groups use Slack and WhatsApp to share information on a course and on a personal level. Raise your visibility in these groups by offering relevant and useful information - it will help people remember you!
  • You get out what you put in so attend everything that you are invited to including the optional sessions. This includes our Change Maker Series evening networking event where a business leader will share his/her insights followed by the opportunity to network with other MBA variants and Alumni over food and drink.
  • Attend our evening Careers Festival - a keynote presentation on the latest thinking around career management followed by a choice of optional sessions covering a range of topics from negotiation skills to career transition. All topics will also be covered as webinars delivered throughout the year for those who are struggling to choose which sessions to attend.
  • You will have access to a free Career Consultation which offers impartial, client-centred careers support. Areas of focus could include: adding value in your current role, breaking into a new industry, how to network, and with whom, how to use social media and develop an online brand and negotiating your salary and benefits. This can be conducted face to face during your residential week or via Skype, wbsLive or telephone.