Distance Learning MBA: What happens during Warwick Week?

21 June 2017

Sharon describes her time on campus during Warwick Week one and how meeting her online study group and lecturers in person are of great benefit to her learning experience.

"In my last blog I spoke about how, even though I am a distance learner I don’t feel isolated. However it is always nice to put a face to a name and meet people in person, so I was really looking forward to the first Warwick Week. I was particularly looking forward to meeting my study group who I had been working with online but had never met in person. They were flying in from over the world, for me it was just a short train ride from London.

There was a real buzz at the campus and such a welcoming atmosphere from Warwick staff. The facilities at WBS are outstanding. I met with my study group for the first time and we spent our first evening socialising, finding out more about each other and talking about the programme. The first day was a great introduction and ice breaker, helping us bond as a group so we can get the best out of working together. I won’t spoil it for anyone but there was a lot of fun (and some cheating!).

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The hard work started the second day. Each day was dedicated to a particular module, there was a lot to get through but the academic staff were so engaging, they have quite a few comedians in the faculty. We recognised them from the lecture video but they only know our names and profile pictures so I think they enjoyed getting to finally meet us in person too. During the week there was also the first of two leadership days. It was an opportunity to look beyond the programme material about the wider skills that make a good leader and the opportunity to challenge yourself.

Warwick Week is really focussed on working together, as a cohort and with your study groups. I learned so much from the other students. Distance learning is ideal for me but there is something about that in-person interaction which adds a richness to the learning experience. Warwick Week gave me that. I have just booked for Warwick Week two, I am really looking forward to going back."