Executive MBA: Electives and Specialisms

05 July 2017

Archana describes the range of elective modules and specialisms available on the Executive MBA.

"As I pursue my Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, there is immense satisfaction that comes with the learning and knowledge. The programme is tailor-made for inculcating creative leadership qualities within you and has a global focus. The fact that excites me the most is that the entire curriculum is going to enhance my professional expertise in one way or another. Right from the required modules to the elective ones, each of these are going to polish my professional skills. And the specialism modules are probably the best that the WBS Executive MBA has to offer.

The participants have a choice between four specialism modules, which are meant to develop a specific skill. The programme offers the options of healthcare, finance, entrepreneurship and strategic leadership specialist modules. Each of these are focused on a particular area and I strongly recommend picking the one that enhances your expertise in your core area. 

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While healthcare and finance are intended for professionals in the respective domains, entrepreneurship and strategic leadership specialist modules are meant for professionals from any industry. I suggest taking up the specialism that attunes to your current profession or the one you wish to pursue in the future. You should also consider your personal interest while making this decision.

The choice for me is very clear when it comes to opting for one of these specialism modules. Personally, I would prefer either of the entrepreneurship and the strategic leadership modules, as these are sought-after skills in any business scenario, and are definitely going to help me or anyone else to shine as a leader in their respective industry. 

Another thing that I really appreciate about this programme is that it is not confined to academic curriculum but encompasses practical implementation too. We are meant to take up a project under expert supervision for the specialism modules. The Professors leading each of these specialism modules are experts, with immense experience in their respective fields. Moreover, we get an opportunity for expanding our professional networking by joining WBS LinkedIn groups.

I am excited about getting international exposure too because the programme requires me to attend one module at an overseas University, in locations such as the US, Germany, China, India and Mexico. I am sure the Warwick Executive MBA is going to take me closer to my career goals."