Executive MBA: Teaching and Flexibility

08 June 2017

After ten months on the Executive MBA, Maria and Archana, describe the teaching and flexibility on the programme so far.

Maria Bravo Bencomo

"I have found the structure of the Executive MBA part-time programme to be very flexible; allowing for breaks and rescheduling. This has helped ensure my studies fit around my busy work and personal life.  

There are options to rearrange the dates for each of the modules and a choice between full week lectures at Warwick, long-weekends in London or online study. The September 2017 intake allows for completion of the programme within five years if necessary instead of the planned three years, this can accommodate breaks for maternity or other important life events.* 

The Executive MBA is taught by a great mix of professors who either dedicate their time to research or continue to practice what they love in the business world. In most modules, there is a mixture of the two which makes lectures more comprehensive and far-reaching. Our professors encourage out-of-the-box thinking and help us evaluate issues or behaviours at work in a completely different way to what we are used to.

It feels refreshing and enriching to spend a week away every couple of months learning from highly skilled professors on very useful subjects. Returning to work to apply the learning and seeing the results is even better."

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Archana Dhankar

"As some of you may know, I am currently in the midst of my Executive MBA at the prestigious Warwick Business School – an experience that has been truly exciting and enriching, and one that I’d love to share with you.

The first and most obvious question is: why Executive MBA? I fiercely believe that it’s a great choice for someone who has already worked in industry for a while, like I have, and has a solid understanding of business processes and structures. At this stage, you have a strong understanding your domain and core business concepts and logic, so the Executive MBA will strengthen these and help you fill in the missing gaps. It also gives you the opportunity to apply what you learn in each module, by putting it in practice in the company or sector that you are currently working in, thereby giving you a big picture, real world understanding of each concept and module.

Warwick Business School delivers its Executive MBA program in a particularly unique way. You can choose to complete the course over alternate weekends at The Shard, or at Warwick campus where the modules are delivered in a 4 to 5 working day model. Both have pros and cons – the first helps you save on holidays from work, while the other helps you immerse more deeply in a subject. Having said that, you have the flexibility to move or change module delivery, which is extremely practical and helpful. If you miss a module due to personal or professional commitments, you have the option to catch up later.

Despite the flexibility, a certain level of commitment is required from you, to complete the course properly and ensure that you get the most out of it. If you’re going to spend the time, money and effort, you should try to maximize your learning. It’s important to maintain your rhythm during the course and regularly take out time for pre-reading and assignments. In fact, the assessments are assignment based, so this is particularly important. Furthermore, it’s a three year commitment at the Warwick campus*, or two years at The Shard, which can seem like a long time; however, the learning and gains at the end of the tunnel are worth it. That light has kept me motivated and focused, and continues to do so.

As you know, faculty makes all the difference in any course. I must point out that the professors in the WBS Executive MBA programme are absolutely world-class. They deliver classes in a very interactive and engaging way, and real-life case studies are used to bring in a practical aspect. The course is always kept current and discussions on latest developments and current affairs are frequent. I’ve completed the core modules thus far, and have truly enjoyed learning and interacting with the professors, who have been very open to guiding and helping you, as well as providing a fresh perspective.                 

It has been a great run so far, and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the course unfolds – I have no doubt that it will only get more interesting, enriching and stimulating!" 

*The Warwick Executive MBA is now a two year programme which can be extended to four years if required.