Five benefits of studying a Full-time MBA with people from around the world

27 March 2019

Full-time MBA participant MBA participant, Radko Diev, shares his thoughts on the benefits of working with a diverse cohort on the Full-time MBA.

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about an MBA is the opportunity to work with people from different countries. The dive into an extremely multinational environment begins even before the MBA course starts with chat groups, calls and discussions. Moreover, an exposure to such an environment brings not only numerous professional but also personal benefits.

1. Boosting emotional intelligence

We are learning by getting out of our comfort zones. What better way of embracing differences and becoming more aware of people’s personalities than spending a year with people from different countries? Personality types have nuances across the world and an MBA facilitates the development of certain receptors for that.

2. Developing cultural awareness

How many official languages does India have? What is the root of Ireland’s relationship with US companies? What is the German Mittelstand? Working in a multinational environment is a constant history lesson and this is only the “tip of the iceberg”. Participating in a workshop on International Business and receiving visual confirmation of certain patterns or behaviours among your peers stimulates your thinking.

3. Stimulates creativity

Hearing perspectives of professionals with diverse backgrounds is one thing but discussing aspects of different solutions from all over the world is maybe the best learning experience. It’s like being a small piece of a puzzle which can only be solved by hearing everyone.

4. Becoming a global citizen (International Prospects)

Chasing a career abroad? There is always someone from the country and even the industry you are interested in. It’s like a pool of opportunities which you can explore by only having a coffee with the people you spend your day with.

5. Family across the world

Building long lasting relationships is certain when we are all on the same journey. Developing yourself is rewarding but requires dedication. Human beings are social creatures - we love being together. Experiencing the MBA programme with people from all corners of the planet makes you realise how similar we are and how quickly we can all become friends and take care of each other.

Playing is the best way to learn. Experiencing the MBA among a group of people with different cultures sharpen skills which otherwise are hard to develop. Without a doubt, working with people from all over the world makes the MBA experience richer. Absolutely, it starts with a meeting for a year and ends up with a family across the globe for life.

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