Flexibility on the MBA - how my studies work for me

19 February 2019

Quentin Grulois, an Executive MBA (London) participant discusses the flexible nature of the Warwick MBA and how it fits into his life.

My MBA journey so far

Four months into the Warwick Business School (WBS) Executive MBA and I am appreciating the many reasons why this programme is ranked in the top 10 in the world!* Besides the great interaction with the smart, amazing people of my cohort, the high flexibility and the quality of teaching have been very impressive. 

In choosing an Executive MBA, one of my requirements was the option to extend the study period beyond two years and WBS allows you up to four years to complete the programme. You never know what can happen in life: a new baby in the family, an assignment abroad, a change of work situation or a long-term sickness… all these events can be disruptive but the great thing with WBS is that you get lot of support from the staff and they will always find a way to help you so that you can achieve your goals.

Flexibility on the MBA

At WBS, there are so many module formats available between the Warwick campus, London base at The Shard and the distance learning format. I have chosen the evening classes at the Shard as it is 10 minutes’ walk from my work in the City. Every Tuesday and Wednesday night we enjoy a great view of London from the 17th floor of the tallest building in the UK. While London Bridge station is right at the bottom of the building, so after the lecture it takes me 5 minutes to jump on my train to go home. I had the desire to be able to spend time with my three kids over the weekends, so this option was ideal for me. If my circumstances change, I know that I also have the option to take the weekend format, distance learning or four days at the Warwick campus. 

Choosing our electives

The time to choose our electives is coming soon and we are contemplating all the opportunities available. Some coursemates would prefer to work through the programme as quick as possible, preferring to pick the distance learning modules over the summer and take additional electives as soon as possible. Meanwhile others prefer to deep dive into their electives and take their time to specialise in their favourite topic. My personal choice would be to spread the four electives over six months while I am working on my dissertation and take full advantage of the international module.

But again, priorities can change over time and as the MBA requires a lot of commitment, it is great to be reassured that the Warwick team is very accommodating. They take the time to walk you through the many available study options and formats in order to find the right balance between work, family and study for you.

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*Economist/WhichMBA? 2018 Executive MBA ranking