Four key factors to consider when choosing an MBA

28 November 2023

Drawing from his own experience, Full-time MBA participant Diego Hargous shares the four key factors to take into account when choosing an MBA.

I decided to pursue an MBA primarily to acquire the essential skills demanded by higher management roles and to enhance my professional capabilities. Additionally, the invaluable experience of living abroad, fully committed to an immersive study experience.

In deciding where to pursue my MBA, I considered four key factors:

First and foremost, the consideration of reputation played a pivotal role in selecting the right MBA programme. Recognising the importance of a well-known and highly ranked programme, I invested considerable time and effort in thorough research to identify institutions aligned with my personal and professional goals. This ensured that the programme is not only of high quality but also recognised and respected in the global business community.

Diversity emerged as another cornerstone in the decision-making process. Understanding that exposure to a diverse cohort of students enhances the overall learning experience, the choice was made to be part of an inclusive and multicultural academic environment. Interacting with individuals from varied backgrounds fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas, promotes innovative thinking, and prepares for the challenges of leadership in an increasingly interconnected and globalised business landscape.

Programme quality
The quality of the MBA programme itself was a paramount consideration. The decision to enrol in a programme with a comprehensive curriculum, covering both core modules related to work-specific topics and those focusing on soft-skills development, was deliberate. The Warwick Business School (WBS) Full-time MBA programme, in particular, stood out as one of the most complete, addressing a wide range of modules essential for acquiring the skills needed to excel in higher management positions.

Location was a key consideration, and choosing an English-speaking country, specifically the UK, was a top priority. Being in the UK, where I am immersed in an English-speaking environment on a daily basis, is expected to not only improve my language proficiency but also cultivate the effective communication skills essential for success in managerial roles.