Global Online MBAs share their experience with my.wbs

11 March 2024

Global Online MBA participants discuss their positive experiences with Warwick Business School's flexible online learning environment, my.wbs.

Lorenzo Soldavini

I found my.wbs an extremely useful tool to combine my work and personal commitments. Being a husband and father of two teenage boys, managing multiple teams across Europe, and the need to keep a good level of sport and socialising in my personal life, I found my.wbs really great to keep my scheduled organised.

The module studies are very well organised, within chapters permitting me to keep a good pace and record my progress. Everything is available remotely with almost any kind of software. I personally use tablets and a PC to follow the modules activities from any place (on holiday, at work, at home and even travelling by bus). For example, during a six-hour bus trip with my son, I followed a full lesson, and kept to my learning schedule – even when on holiday.

Olga Bezlyudova

Image of Olga BezlyudovaBeing a mum of three small kids and working full-time, my schedule is permanently tight, which is why online learning was the only possible option for me.

WBS provides great flexibility in its Global Online MBA. You can attend live online classes or catch up on recorded lectures, complete an MBA degree within two years (or extend this period at your convenience), learn online or take face-to-face modules, and choose whether to take one or two electives per quarter. The online platform, my.wbs, is practical and convenient to control the education process and progress.

Corban Quigg

Image of Corban QuiqqThere are a variety of learning mechanisms and tools on the WBS portal, my.wbs. The faculty and staff leave no option off the table to prepare me and other online MBA students with primary course materials.

I am a visual learner and have appreciated the ease of navigation, as each learning module has been packed with diagrams, reference links, videos, lectures, and transcripts, to allow me the flexibility to review more complex lectures and ideas through multiple means.

One of my biggest lessons learned when navigating the programme has been that for a busy working professional, there is no right way to engage in module content – learning is the objective, through whatever means. I have been able to gather what I need, when I need it (sometimes even in the eleventh hour before a deadline!), while maintaining and balancing my professional and personal workloads.