How the CareersPlus team are supporting me in achieving my career aspirations
27 May 2020

We caught up with some of our current Full-time MBA participants to learn about the support they have been receiving from the WBS CareersPlus team and how it is helping them to plan for their future career. This is what they had to say… 

Sresha Banerjee

The Full-time MBA cohort at WBS are privileged to have a team of career experts dedicated just for our development. I have been working with the CareersPlus team closely and constantly, even prior to my arrival at WBS. We have extensively discussed job searches, finding the right fit, networking, interviewing, self-sourcing projects and also many personal development topics such as courageous conversations, dealing with ‘office’ politics and managing conflict. By the time I complete my MBA, I will be equipped with every trick and tool in the book – and a wide portfolio of contacts.

Charlotte Lavelle

The CareersPlus team were one of the key reasons why I chose WBS for my MBA, and they really have not disappointed. We have had an incredible number of fantastic workshops put on by them – from LinkedIn to CVs to managing your career, facilitated by the amazing WBS team and some world class guest speakers. On top of that, you are allocated your own careers coach who you can have as many meetings with as you want. It’s been amazing to be able to have that one on one time to discuss your plans, practice interviews and navigate the job application process. They are absolutely fantastic!

Abybah Traoré

What I appreciate the most from the CareersPlus team are the one on one coaching sessions with career development and industry experts. Their constructive feedback has been extremely useful in helping to bring more clarity in my post-MBA planning. It will not give you any "right answer", but it will help you to ask yourself the right questions about your choices and your aspirations.

RuchiRuchi Sankrit

One of my biggest learning areas has been around how I viewed ‘career’. At WBS, we have access to a fantastic careers team that has helped me to view ‘career’ more holistically. We’ve had workshops to understand our own values and motivations, skills and interests. In addition, there have been sessions on client persuasion, networking, presentation, interviews, CVs and much more. I also have unlimited access to one-to-one coaching sessions that have helped me to structure my own career plans. 

Before my MBA, I would hide myself in any networking related events. I literally detested networking! Being encouraged to view networking more as a relationship building process has changed my perspective and made me more at ease in networking events.

Kathryn Heppinstall

The careers team have been simply brilliant. I have more years of experience than the average Full-time MBA student, and the careers support has been tailored to fit me and my circumstances amazingly well. They have pointed out various pathways, helped to open doors but made it quite clear that the act of walking through them is mine. I’m so excited about the future.

SurajSuraj Shetty

WBS have a personal-touch and are really interested in you and your success, and the CareersPlus team are a testament to that.

There have been amazing speakers and excellent workshops around how you navigate your job search, what is it that truly matters to you and where your passion lies, how you build your brand and how you tell your story.

We have access to a personal careers coach who is always there for you. They lend an ear to know what is going through your mind, discuss what your future plans are and how you can work towards them. They also help you answer your questions and concerns (if any) and if they can’t, then they put you through to the relevant people who can.

We also are provided the opportunity to have mock interviews, case study challenges, CV workshops and a lot more. The support from the CareersPlus team has been truly priceless.

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