How the CareersPlus team supported me towards my career aspirations

02 March 2023

Full-time MBA alumna, Neha Jaiswal, shares how the CareerPlus team supported her MBA journey, helping her to take the next step in her career.

Warwick Business School has a fantastic careers team that has helped me in viewing my 'career' in a more holistic light. They worked with me to help me to discover what truly mattered to me and where my passion was and helped me establish my brand and tell my story. Throughout my time working with the team on my Full-Time MBA programme, two areas stood out for me:

  1. Workshops 

We had numerous workshops during the MBA year. We had workshops to discover our values and motivations, skills and interests, goals and fears. These sessions helped me in increasing my self-awareness, which further helped me in managing my behaviours and relationships professionally.

Then there were workshops, which helped us to upskill on our CVs, client persuasion, networking, presentations, interviews, and so on. We had many industry guest speakers who spoke on various topics, which were quite informative. There were workshops which covered many personal development themes, such as courageous conversations and conflict resolutions. The length and breadth of the topics covered in these sessions enhanced my overall academic learning.

2. One-on-one coaching

A career coach is aligned with your development during your MBA. It was a great opportunity for me to get one-on-one time with my coach to discuss my goals and ambitions, practise interviews, and discuss anything else I wanted help with. They were great, and they constantly helped me to structure my thoughts and ideas. Staying connected with them during my journey, provided me with perspective on things. This helped me in exploring choices that weren’t initially clear to me.

It was also helpful talking to my coach when I was in the advanced stages of the interview process with some of the firms, I was pursuing post-MBA. They helped me in understanding what employers expect at that stage and how to prepare for some of the things they seek in candidates. They also advised me on how to deal with interview nerves. Part of this simply boosted my confidence, and I walked into the interview with a more optimistic attitude.

The Careers team bring a lot of their energy and enthusiasm, they have a personal touch and are invested in you and your success.


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