How the LeadershipPlus module extends beyond developing leadership skills

29 January 2024

Our LeadershipPlus module is designed to not only build and strengthen leadership abilities, but also to equip all participants with a unique understanding of their own personalities through various unique activities. This empowers them to approach leadership with self-awareness and a grasp of different leadership styles. Here, some of our Full-time MBA participants share their insights and highlights from the LeadershipPlus module.

Sukhvinder Randhawa

Image of Sukhvinder RandhawaThe LeadershipPlus module at Warwick Business School (WBS) stands out as a transformative experience in my MBA journey, deeply impacting my perspective on leadership and management. This immersive programme, designed to challenge conventional thinking, fosters an environment where diverse ideas and strategies are not just encouraged but celebrated.

Coming from a background deeply rooted in finance, leadership and management were realms I had not previously explored. However, this module revealed the critical importance of integrating my technical skills with strong leadership capabilities.

One of my most profound takeaways from the module is the understanding that leadership extends beyond mere management. Central to the module is its emphasis on experiential learning. Through various case studies and syndicate group discussions and games, it provides a platform to dissect and understand different leadership styles and their applicability in dynamic business scenarios. One of the most compelling aspects is the diversity of perspectives within the classroom which broadens my understanding of leadership in a global context.

A pivotal moment for me has been the Mind Flick psychometric results, which highlight both your own strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as those of your colleagues. I also enjoyed the simulation exercise, which mimicked real-life business challenges. It required us to make swift decisions, manage team dynamics, and navigate through complex problem-solving, all while maintaining a clear vision for our team during our project work. The emphasis on self-reflection and personal leadership development was instrumental in shaping my approach to leadership, making it more authentic, empathetic, and effective when working in a team.

In conclusion, the LeadershipPlus module is more than an academic requirement; it is a journey of self-discovery and growth. It equipped me with not just the theoretical frameworks but also the confidence to apply these learnings in real-world scenarios, significantly enhancing my leadership skills and shaping me into a more competent, empathetic, and visionary leader.

Suman Tomar

Image of Suman TomarOne of the core modules of my MBA programme is LeadershipPlus, and it has been a significant learning experience. Unlike traditional leadership training, this module goes beyond just building skills. It takes a deep dive into one’s own personality. An important tool in this exploration is the Spotlight profile, which meticulously helps to understand why we do what we do, emphasising the role of self-awareness in effective leadership.

Working with my syndicate group during the module has been transformative; the diverse personalities within the group have provided valuable insights. Through various LeadershipPlus activities, games, and challenges, I've discovered how I cope and adapt, especially in high-pressure situations.

A major focus of the LeadershipPlus module is on understanding and navigating diverse cultures. This understanding is vital in our culturally diverse cohort, where many aim to navigate the complexities of multinational corporations. Recognising the importance of cultural knowledge fosters an inclusive and globally attuned mindset.

The module also addresses important aspects such as conflict resolution and handling challenging conversations. Through rigorous coaching and self-analysis, it encourages a comprehensive exploration of personal strengths and weaknesses, significantly contributing to a holistic journey of leadership development. In essence, LeadershipPlus not only refines leadership skills but also cultivates heightened self-awareness and adaptability in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

Vladyslav Bandrovsky

Image of Vladyslav BandrovskyStarting my MBA journey at WBS, the LeadershipPlus module immediately stood out to me, earning its place among the course's flagships in terms of substance, delivery, and staff dedication.

I vividly remember how it kickstarted my MBA journey with the initial workshop on the first days of the programme. The emphasis on experiential learning that the course provides cannot be fully captured with mere words. The module also goes beyond typical MBA activities by emphasising "pausing and reflecting" throughout the sessions.

Furthermore, the LeadershipPlus module, being one of the longest modules, is designed to ensure that newly minted MBAs can adeptly assemble teams and guide them through all phases of team development, including forming, storming, norming, and performing. The requirement to switch teams at a certain moment plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that we can effectively manage teams comprising diverse individuals in a multitude of environments. It also encourages us to employ various leadership roles that best align with the unique dynamics of each team we find ourselves leading.

Additionally, I must highlight the professional and enthusiastic approach of LeadershipPlus staff in customising their advice and training for each individual, should one seek such personalised support. LeadershipPlus’s willingness to assist in addressing management or leadership challenges, and even personal time-management issues, is noteworthy. The extent to which they delve into specific cases to deliver solutions goes beyond admiration.

All in all, this course serves as an excellent demonstration of value for the time invested. The insights gained from this experience have already shaped my perspective and influenced how I manage certain work projects.

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