How to choose the right MBA for you

28 November 2023

Having been accepted into our most recent Full-time MBA cohort, Sunny Bae reveals her motivations for pursuing an MBA and provides valuable insights into key factors to contemplate when selecting an MBA programme.

We are experiencing a digital transformation in almost every industry. 'Robot Advisor' services are rapidly expanding, the speed of integrating new technologies is accelerating, and the world is consistently digitising with a less-is-more, conscious minimalism. Digital technology is permeating all of society, including companies. Wanting to stay ahead of this transformation, I chose Warwick Business School (WBS) to gain a more concrete blueprint and to improve my practical skillset—in addition to enhancing my career trajectory.

I want to perform as a digital director in all fields, including finance, strategy, management, marketing, and digital. Warwick Business School’s curriculum is customised and would allow me to help drive organisational change and the future in a way that aligns with the incredible innovation that X-Tech is catalysing. I value that it is a required course for me to prepare for the future of digital management.

Additionally, I also plan to learn digital technology and business modelling to truly create new value in the world and to explore a new business paradigm by simulating understanding and various tech cases, and by establishing a strategy for success in the future digital age. Through this, I can create a safe and sustainable digital infrastructure tailored to drive transformation. I have no doubt that WBS will strengthen my skills as a digital director as I work towards realising a fair and competitive digital economy, as well as an open, democratic, and sustainable blueprint.

WBS operates a number of different MBA programmes, namely Full-time, Executive, and Global Online. Each programme has distinct durations and locations. Therefore, it is essential to carefully assess the curriculum of each program and choose the one that aligns best with individual circumstances. Beyond curriculum considerations, gaining insights from alumni about their experiences in each programme can provide valuable information for making a more informed decision.

WBS has a strong reputation for its exceptional career centre, and I have heard that it stands out compared to other MBA schools. The prospect of completing robust management courses in a short period, coupled with the flexibility to pivot my career direction swiftly, influenced my decision to choose the WBS Full-time MBA. The programme's reputation for facilitating job switching aligns with my career goals.


Length of programme
A few years ago, when I was contemplating pursuing an MBA, I initially considered the typical two-year MBA programme in other countries. However, due to personal circumstances, I deferred my decision. The reason I have opted for a UK MBA now is because I see a significant advantage in the shorter duration, allowing for a more concentrated and focused experience. The merit of being able to achieve a comprehensive education in a shorter time frame is a major factor that influenced my decision to pursue an MBA at Warwick.

Picking an institution
WBS has the best faculty, which teaches both theory and practical skills. WBS would also allow me to meet executives who have experienced both the successes and failures of digital transformation in real-world, global contexts.  I would like to get the benefit from their many years of board-level management experiences.

What attracted me to choose this Full-time MBA was the richness of the programme and the fact that I would have an experience with other people from different cultures and backgrounds and experiences as well. And the location, Coventry, would be most valuable place for my family to settle down away from their home country.

In my case, although I could have received sufficient sponsorship through my company, there were conditions tied to returning to the company instead of pursuing the job switch I desired. Consequently, I made the bold decision to self-fund my MBA. One aspect for which I am particularly grateful to WBS is the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

During the application process, I received a recommendation for a scholarship essay from the school. As a result, I have been selected as a WBS scholar because the committee believes that I embody WBS’s Change Maker ethos, demonstrating a blend of core values such as curiosity, openness, restlessness, and excellence in my scholarship application. I am thrilled about this opportunity to share my experiences and insights with future MBA candidates.

My favourite module on the programme is the LeadershipPlus module because it’s given me a more holistic view on being a leader and helped me to understand myself better and appreciate other people and how to work and interact with them. It’s also helped me learn how to become a more sustainable leader in an ethical manner.

Equality, diversity and inclusion
Through the WBS programme, I believe that I can enhance my leadership and collaboration skills in the global business environment by learning about Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Emphasising the importance of modern and inclusive leadership, I aim to cultivate the ability to lead business innovation and creativity.

Particularly, in this WBS programme, the opportunity to interact with students from 29 different nationalities and share diverse perspectives is invaluable. I am excited about the prospect of developing a stronger competitive edge in the business world through this diverse and enriching experience. Leveraging my strengths in curiosity, open-mindedness, and perseverance, gained from various firms, I am confident that pursuing studies at WBS will propel my career forward.